May 23, 2011

Kids Run 2011

Yesterday was the annual Cold Storage Kids Run at the Padang, and I have been participating in every one ever since it began in 2008! Di-di joined me from 2009 onwards, and last year was the only year that it was held at the F1 Pit Building.

So yes, this will be my 4th Kids Run, and I am still ever so excited about it! :)

As per last year, Clara also joined in the run with us!

We too saw lots of familiar faces and friends too, and I can tell all of us were only too eager and ready to blast off from the starting line!

Well, no thanks to the weather too... 'cos it was getting really hot so di-di, in particular, was constantly asking when we could start running. :P

And the answer was soon enough, as soon as we got out of the holding area and onto the road leading to the starting point. Woot!

And as you can see, di-di already had one both eyes on the starting line even though Daddy was trying to take a dcent pre-race picture! Hee hee...

Finally, the air horn sounded and off we went charging!!! 800m, here we come!

Well, in accordance with tradition, di-di stumbled and fell just slightly after the starting line. He also fell during last year's race. :P

But to his full credit, he just picked himself up and carried on running! No tear, no whining, no stopping... you go, di-di!!! :)

As for me, I was also enjoying my run... eager to keep pace with Clara. Heh.

Along the halfway mark of 400m, Clara & I decided to stop for a while to allow di-di to catch up.

OKAY OKAY... we just wanted to rest lah.... :P

It was only for a brief moment though, 'cos we were soon off like the wind again!

As soon as we made the turn into the Padang field, I knew the Finish Line was in the horizon. And so, di-di & I summoned all our last ounces of energy and made a last dash to cross the Finish Line!

Phew! It was tiring and we were all hot and sweaty from the race... but the medals made all of that worth it! :D

Just checking if the medals were actually chocolate in disguise... Heh.

After some rest & water, we still had the energy to goof around when Daddy asked us to pose for pictures with our Finishers' medals. :p

And as a post-race treat, we had cheesecake to replenish our energy... and mei-mei had her teething biscuit too. Hee hee...

Something tells me that mei-mei wants to take part in the Kids Run next year too! In fact, I think she can!!!

It was a great end to a great day... and Daddy & Mummy were proud of us monkies for a good run.

Til next year... oh, but not before the Kids Dash at the Standard Chartered Marathon at the end of this year first!

Are you up for it, mei-mei?

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