Jun 17, 2011

Elephant Parade - Singapore 2011

The elephants are stampeding to Singapore!!!

Well, a parade of Elephant statues to be exact.

Come 11 November 2011, a herd of over 100 brightly painted life-size elephants will swarm the streets of Singapore for two months. Much like these elephants, taken in Heerlen, the Netherlands this year.

Painted by local and international artists, each elephant is a unique piece of art and can be found at famous landmarks such as the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Esplanade, Marina Bay and more.

After the exhibition all elephants are auctioned off by Sotheby’s. The higher the quality of the art produced, the more money will be raised in aid of the Asian elephant conservation projects throughout Asia.

You can read more about this upcoming event here: http://elephantparade.com/parade/singapore-2011, or visit their Facebook page.

As for my type of elephant, I prefer it to look something like this:

HAHAHAHA.... can't wait for the Parade come November! :)

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