Jun 16, 2011

Klowning in KL: Three

And so, it was down to our last day in KL and we had far too much fun playing & shopping to utilize our hotel pool.

Until now.

It was a decent pool, clean and large enough for some good splashing fun.

If you know us, you would know that we monkies simply adore water - be it the sea, pool or a water park.

So as long as we get to splash around crazily, we love them all the same!

We were supposed to head down to the Petrosains Discovery Centre at the Petronas Towers soon after our morning swim, but when we got there the queue was so so so so very long!!!

So, Daddy & Mummy decided shopping was the better option. -_-

Well, at least ALL of us got what we wanted in a trip - Superheroes & theme park fun for us, and shopping for Mummy! 

Oh, as for Daddy... erm, I'm sure he was happy and satisfied enough to see us enjoy ourselves. RIGHT??? :P

Til our next trip!

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