Jun 14, 2011

Weekend with buddies

Last weekend, it was about bonding with our buddies as di-di & I had a great time having fun with Benji, Clara & Sarah.

On Saturday, we finally caught The Lion King musical at MBS. I say finally because I know Daddy has been dying to watch that dunno since when. So I guess he must have been happier than us kids then.

Di-di & I haven't watched the cartoon before, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Daddy had prepared us mentally beforehand that Simba's dad was going to die in the musical - in case we get all upset mah. :P

Daddy & Mummy thoroughly enjoyed it me think - especially the wonderful props and costumes. As for us, we just can't wait to be (lion) kings too. Hee.

Then on Sunday, we met up again - this time we were off to the National Museum for a kids-centric art installation, The Playdome.

The Playdome consists of several zones, whereby kids can take the chance to explore various forms of artwork and have some hands-on fun at the same time.

One of the installation is this giant Kaleidoscope called The Real Thing.

The images are activated by the viewer and so, children can use a set of props and their own body movements to create beautiful images and patterns in this giant kaleidoscope.

Can you see us monkies in the images???

And this was how we generated the images in the kaleidoscope!

Pretty cool stuff I say! No wonder we spent such a long time hanging out in front of the kaleidoscope. Hee hee...

Also on display was a Wayang Play Stage, where we to role play, make our own wayang masks and construct our own stories on a set with masks, costumes & props.

Needless to say, we ran amok in the above installations. :P

So it was a welcome relief (to the parents) that we progressed to the Clay Musecapes room next.

Why a relief?

'Cos we just had to use our hands (and not our mouths) to mould clay into something that we like... much like Playdoh. Erm, only difference is that we don't have to worry about the mess we make here. Hahaha...

We must have spent an eternity moulding clay, 'cos the adults & mei-mei were starting to enjoy the peace and quiet out at the Sundeck.

That was til we kiddos decided that it was time to disrupt the peace. MUAHAHAHAHA...

See what I mean??? :P

A troop of monkies, that's what the adults call us.

Luckily, there was an outdoor installation of many wheels at the Sundeck to distract us as well.

Different kinds of tapes & bells have been added to the wheels, so that different sounds can be made when they are gently spun.


Then it was off to the next outdoor installation in the Garden @ the Playdome.

This was a place where we could draw on lenses and fit them into the viewing scopes to create images of dome shapes inspired by the Playdome.

Which di-di, Clara & Sarah did.

As for the 2 older boys, namely Benji & me, the dried chilli padi intrigued us more than the viewing scopes! :P

After all the perspiration, we headed indoors for some air-con comfort and also to await for the start of a Sensory Workshop.

None of us were too sure what the workshop was all about, but we were all game to try.

And so, we took our seats...

Step 1 - Blindfold.

Step 2 - Smell.

Step 3 - Decide on the colour which you associate with the smell.

And di-di took it literally
, 'cos he began smelling all the colour pencils! Hahaha...

Did we have fun? Confirm, and double confirm!!!

And all these while, mei-mei was very well behaved as she waited for her older kids to be done with their fun! Great job, Ale! :)

The Playdome at National Museum runs til 26 June 2011 (Tues to Sun only), 10am to 6pm.

Tickets are at $12 per adult and $9 per child (age 3 and above).

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