Jun 13, 2011

Klowning in KL: Two

As promised the previous day, di-di & I both woke up on KL Day 2 high on anticipation. Yup, it was theme park day!!!

Hee hee... forgive our out-of-bed look. We had the important task of looking after mei-mei while Daddy & Mummy were washing up... with the accompaniment of Cartoon Network of course. :P

After breakfast (which seemed like an eternity), we finally made our way to the Berjaya Times Square Indoor Theme Park!

There are 2 levels of fun - Galaxy Station for the more adventurous teens & adults, while Fantasy Garden has 8 fun rides for all the kiddos. That's us then... Whee!!!

That's Ayd's fave ride of the theme park by the way - we've lost count of the number of times that we have been on it. Hee hee...

After the swinging of the pirate ship, di-di & I pulled Mummy along with us for the Carzy Bus ride... but it wasn't as thrilling as the ship though. Yawn... :p

Mei-mei couldn't join us though, so I think she was targeting the more monotonous ride of the merry-go-round. Hahaha...

Being the good brothers that we are, of course we accompanied mei-mei for her kiddie ride lah... :)

And in return, she went with us for a train ride round the theme park...

But nothing can beat the fun of my fave ride (of most theme parks actually) - the Bumper Car!!!

I think I have also lost count of the number of times I went bumping too. Heh.

Of course in between our 2 fave rides of the Pirate Ship & Bumper Cars, we tried the other rides that the park had to offer...

As well as the big playground in the theme park... which suited Daddy really fine, 'cos he was able to sit down for a breather while Mummy goes off shopping, without any signs of dropping. Hee.

Needless to say, both of us made full use of WHOLE playground area - climbing & running amok. That's the best we do mah.

So it wasn't surprising that we spent the entire day at Times Square. 

Playing. Shopping. Eating. And repeating the whole cycle again throughout the afternoon, all the way til after dinner. Heh.

And by the time we reached back our hotel room, one thing was for certain - we fell asleep in less than 5 minutes when we hit the bed. 

All to recharge for the next day I say!

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