Jun 28, 2011

Family Weekend Out

It was the National Family Day Out last Saturday - where we are encouraged to spend a day out with our families in our own special ways.

We were fortunate enough to receive free tickets to the Hippo Bus Tours for that day, so it was off to the Waterfront Promenade near Marina Bay Sands for our open top ride!

The sky was extremely overcast when we arrived - uh-oh, not a good sign of things to come.

But at least the weather was extremely cooling and the winds make it erm, easier for the balloons to flutter around? Hee.

We hopped onto the Hippo Bus, and off we went around the city area...

The sights that were narrated to us by the tour guide were quite interesting... but definitely not as interesting as all of us scrambling to the sheltered part of the bus when large pellets of rain drops began to fall!

Hahaha... it wasn't a total wash-out, but at least we got slightly drenched as a family together! That's how families do things right - TOGETHER. Hee hee... 

And in keeping with the water theme, we invited our cuz, little Jaeden to our place for a swim on Sunday.

And this time, the weather was definitely cooperative!

We were having so much fun that Jaeden decided to join in as well...


And so with school reopening the next day, it was a fitting end to our school holidays...

Now, to look forward to our next holidays? Hahahaha....

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