Jun 26, 2011

Papa's Day Weekend Fun III

And so, right after our beach outing last Sunday, di-di & I didn't want to go home just yet. Yes yes, our adrenaline was still pumping through our bodies and this gave Daddy a brilliant plan to tire us monkies out - onwards to Changi Airport to conquer one giant inflatable playground!

Yup, it was quite like the giant inflatable slide that T3 had for the past 2 Christmas seasons, only that this time it was all cheery & colourful and all things summer! :)

Needless to say, we monkies couldn't wait to get started to get bouncy on the playground! Hee hee...

In order to redeem 8 minutes of play on the playground, one simply has to produce a single, same-day receipt  (no min. spending) from any shopping or dining outlet at Changi Airport.

Definitely lots of fun, thrills... and spills too. It's a lucky thing the whole playground is so bouncy and soft - as di-di would appreciate.


'Cos there was an instance when he was happily bouncing up and down on the inflatable aeroplane...

... when something erm, threw him off-guard...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Where did my brother go????

And that's what I call a safe landing. :P

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