Jun 20, 2011

Papa's Day Weekend Fun I

What a hectic weekend we had! And it wasn't just because it was Father's Day... 'cos we monkies were the ones who had the most fun I think! Hee hee...

We had originally planned a short road tip up to Johor for a 1 night stay with our friends but at the last minute, the adults decided to can the idea 'cos of the high possibility that we may get stuck in the causeway jam for hours.

And so first up - we spent more than half of Saturday at our buddies, Benji's & Sarah's place. Erm, naturally, we were all up to some mischief!

Luckily it was only the Kinect that were making us all hyper and animated. :P

No prizes for guessing how much fun we had...

But the main star of the wasn't the Kinect, it was the BBQ!

Look at all the sumptuous food... but we children think the adults were more excited about that than us lor... hahaha...

Ok, I was excited too lah... in helping to barbecue the food!!!

Free child labour hor??? Heh.

Great fun, great food, great company... what's not to like?

It was a perfect gathering for all daddies present... and there was more to come the next day - and it involved the Beach & the Airport! Woot!

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