Jun 24, 2011

Papa's Day Weekend Fun II

Last Sunday was beach day, and the skies must have heard Daddy's prayers 'cos it was the perfect weather for a beach outing with Kong-kong, Por-por & Mummy's relatives.

Maybe 'cos it was Father's Day lah, so the skies above gave face to Daddy... hee hee...

But seriously, the weather was awesome - Mr. Sun was happily hiding behind those thick clouds, and there was a constant strong cool breeze throughout our sand digging project.

Di-di & I, together with our little cousin Jaeden, were definitely enjoying ourselves. But erm, can't say the same for mei-mei though...

I love her chao bin look. Hee hee... She just woke up from her slumber, hence the killer look.

As for di-di, he was enjoying himself so much that he stripped down to his underpants 'cos in his words - "it is more comfortable!" :P

Beaches are always good places for family bonding, don't you think?

Everyone can build sandcastles together, splash each other silly in the sea, or just simply watch the ships & planes go by in the vast open sea...

Or just plain goofing around on the sand!!!

I think it must have quite a while since the last time both of us monkies came to the beach... we nearly forgot how much fun it was to have sand running through our toes!

As for mei-mei... well, it was her first time at the beach, as well as her first time coming into contact with sand.

And did she like it? Hmmm.... she was pretty nonchalant about it.

Think she was more interested in chewing her shoe!!! :P

This must have been one of the rare times that we didn't perspire after a day out at the beach.... that was how cooling the weather was! Hahahaha....

But since we didn't get a chance to perspire, di-di & I found the perfect reason to do so at our next destination. Yup, our day weren't over yet! :P

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