Jun 6, 2011

We need your support!

We need you, our dear readers' help.

Sheraton Towers Singapore is organising a Father's Day contest on Facebook and we have submitted one of our photos to take part.

Yep, that's the photo.

So if you got a Facebook account, all you have to do it to 'LIKE' the picture by doing the following:

1. Click this link to 'LIKE' the Sheraton Towers Singapore Fan Page first - http://www.facebook.com/SheratonTowersSingapore

2. Then click on this link to 'LIKE' our photo! :D

*You have to like the Fan page first before you can like the photo.

The photo with the MOST likes will be the winner!!!

And Mummy says she can then save on a Father's Day gift! Hahahaha...

So please support us okie? Thanks in advance!!! :)

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