Jun 8, 2011

Klowning in KL: One

As you probably already know from our few posts back, we had a wonderful impromptu trip to KL over last weekend. Daddy & Mummy just decided to go on a whim, and what started out to be a 2-night stay ended becoming a 3-night getaway. Shopping no enough for Mummy huh? :P

Not that the 3 of us cheekiemonkies were complaining anyway.

Daddy & Mummy hadn't stepped into KL for the longest time... maybe while they were still in the pak-tor stage last time. Gosh... no wonder Mummy couldn't wait to check out all the malls. Hee.

And luckily for her (but not for Daddy's wallet), we stayed at the Prince Hotel which was near to ALL the shopping action and directly opposite the Pavilion mall. How convenient.

We got the apartment room instead of the hotel room, 'cos it came with a living room, dining room & a kitchenette - all for only $20 more PER NIGHT. A no-brainer actually hor?

Yup, the room is huge alright!

We can watch our DVDs without disturbing mei-mei's sleep too... ah.... shiok!

No wonder she's so elated too. Hee.

As per SOP, Daddy made us line up on the bed and began snapping away. Hahaha...

Not that we minded lah... cos it was a good chance to rest after so many hours on the road!

And yes, silly & monkie faces galore too!!!

At least I had the chance to play photographer and snapped a pic for Daddy & Mummy. :)

Okay okay, enough of fooling around.

It was time for some serious business - which meant SHOPPING for Mummy, but for us, it meant it was time to catch out favourite Justice League heroes LIVE in the flesh!

Pavilion mall had a live show which featured DC comics superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern... and there was no way we could ever miss that!

The mall was very lavishly decorated in the superheroes theme and there were fun game stations for kids to try their skills at becoming a superhero as well as the normal memorabilia stuff on sale.

But of course, we only had our eyes for the stage...

After waiting for an eternity of erm... 10 minutes, the show finally kicked off!

Can you tell how fun we were having? Heh.

And to make di-di's day, Batman (his fave hero by the way) swooped in from ontop of the stairs from one end of the mall and ran all the way onto the stage to confront the Joker!

It's pretty much the usual good-vs-evil fare, but we all know the storyline isn't that important... what's important was all the superheroes that gathered onto the stage. :P

But it's nice to see the heroes give the baddies a good kicking too!

That's one flexible Wonder Woman I say! Hee hee...

But you have to be... if you are facing the Joker!

But good always prevails in the end, and everyone goes home happy.

Well... maybe not really for me... 'cos my fave superhero Superman didn't make an appearance! WAIL!!!

I juts had to make do with his statue then. :P

And at least there was the Meet & Greet session after that to soothe my feelings too...

Yup, we had brought along our capes and donned it while waiting to have our picture taken with the superheroes. Hee hee...

And we even put up our best crimefighter poses when the heroes were due to appear...

And appeared they did!

Too bad we weren't that colour coordinated huh.

Di-di got a farewell shake from Batman... but he complained later that Batman stepped on his cape! Wahahaha... that's funny...

With us monkies satisfied, it was the turn of Mummy's turn to be satisfied - what else but shopping! Ok lah, fair mah... and anyway, Daddy & Mummy promised to bring us to a big indoor theme park the next day!

Ok then, who are we to argue? :P

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