Aug 30, 2011

10 months

(Daddy reminisces)

The diva is 10 months old. Today. 

And after this last post, which was only a mere 1.5 months ago, she has seemed to have grown to be more knowing and definitely more vocal in getting what she wants.

I may be biased, but how can you say no to such a face right?

Either way, Daddy would just like to tell you this:

Hi sweetiepie,

10 months ago, you were brought to this world oblivious to your surroundings. But you sure packed a strong pair of lungs then (and even a stronger pair NOW). Life for you back then was just all about cry, milk, poo & sleep. Looks like nothing has changed huh.

9 months ago, you went for your first-ever overseas road trip to Port Dickson with us. And funnily, the hotel bed was the highlight of your trip. You just seem to light up whenever you come into contact with it. And yes, you have learnt to master your smile and melt more hearts too.

8 months ago, you were slowly learning to lift you neck more while lying on your tummy. Daddy & Mummy loved seeing you trying to make the effort to lift your neck and steal glances at us. It was such a joy back then, and it is still such a joy now just looking at you.

7 months ago, you were getting more & more curious - the slightest sound or movement would make you stop drinking your milk and turn your head in that direction. Mummy thinks that you are distracted easily. I think you are just so cute.

6 months ago, you reached your first major milestone. You were able to you were able to flip onto your tummy unassisted. The first time! And it was also getting easier to flash your cheekie smile for the camera, which never fail to make my day.

5 months ago, it was milestone #2 - Solid foods were also introduced to you for the first time and like your 2 brothers before you, the 1 or 2 teaspoons of cereal were never enough for you. You loved eating back then, and you still do now. Mee goreng for supper with me soon?

4 months ago, you were becoming more and more talkative. But in a tradition reminiscent of your 2 brothers, you were only in an extremely wonderful mood  in the mornings. Afternoons were best left for milk and sleep for the cranky you. But still, you adore both your brothers, and especially love talking gibberish to them. Also, you had your first official dip in the swimming pool but let's just say it wasn't love at first sight then.

3 months ago, you got the licence to sit upright all by yourself, although still a P-plate then. But you certainly didn't need any help in putting objects into your mouth - as long as you could get on any objects, into your mouth they will go. But I know you can't really help it, because the real culprits were the 2 bottom teeth forcing their way out of your pinkish itchy gums.

2 months ago, you were getting more and more clingy, especially to Mummy. She would not be able to go out of your sight at all. And if she did, you would bawl your eyes out. Yes, very poor thing - Mummy, NOT you. Also, you have taken an interest in crawling and you never seem to get tired of it. During bedtime, you have the habit of climbing all over us and treating us as some kind of obstacles. Your 2 brothers certainly weren't as mobile as you were back then.

1 month ago, you were able to stand up on your own for a good 5 seconds and thrill the people around you by laughing at the silly antics that they do. Well, actually it's mostly your eldest brother - you just love to laugh at whatever things he does or says. And most often than not, he is the first one you look for whenever you wake up from your afternoon naps.

And now, you are the expert in getting people to be smitten with you - by making funny sounds, waving bye-bye, clapping your tiny hands and your killer move, blowing a flying kiss. No wonder both your grandpas turn to mush with you around. Okay okay, me too.

Happy 10 months, Ale! Daddy, Mummy, and your 2 brothers will always love you. :)

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