Sep 16, 2011

5 Kiddos Rampage in Genting Highlands

(Daddy reports)

During the one week long September school holidays, our family decided to make a road trip northwards (and upwards) into the cool embrace of Genting Highlands. 

Did I hear somebody say "Ooooh..."?

I think Ale is becoming a very well-seasoned traveller! Haha... Even if she isn't, it's too bad for her. 'Cos the wifey & I aren't going to let her clip our wings in any way. The only way anything is going to ground us will be Primary School, which Ash will be attending come next year. *sweat*

So this probably explains why we are doing tons of travelling this year.

Or at least that's my convenient excuse.

This time, we made the long drive with our friends and their kids - which never fails to delight my monkies.

Presumably because of the boisterous and crazy fun that these buddies can whip up whenever they are in close proximity. 

Yes, it's very infectious.

The drive up north was pretty uneventful, and we reached the Genting summit just in time for lunch. All of us gobbled up our food in quick fashion, albeit for different reasons - the adults were famished, while the kiddos had only one thing on their mind.

Yup, what else but the Indoor Theme Park.

The plan was to hit the Outdoor Theme Park the next day (more worth it mah), and to let the kiddos play to their hearts' content INdoors first.

And while the 2 younger ones went circling round the (fake) Eiffel Tower in their vehicle, the 2 older kiddos settled for something more erm, beastly.

Animal Kaiser - the arcade game that the monkies are allowed to play only in Malaysia ('cos it's cheaper to do so than in Singapore!). Heh.

Anyway, the other kiddie rides soon caught the eyes of everyone.

Cars that go bump always bring out the smiles in everyone. Oh, except real cars I suppose.

The adrenaline factor of the choo-choo train, on the other hand, paled in comparison.

But at least Ale was able to take the ride as well - and she loved it!

And what's better than eating ice cream on a hot day?

Eating ice cream in a 20 degrees Celsius environment I suppose?

The remainder of the day was spent on what else - more rides and dinner, as all kiddos geared up for the Outdoor Theme Park the following day.

It was by far, the foggiest Genting experience of all the times we were there. Which made everything look pretty dreamy and surreal.

OR maybe a scene out of a horror movie.

But the temperature was heavenly, and of course the kiddos needed no invitation to begin their conquest of the rides.

They soon made their way to their perennial fave ride of the lot.

The oldest kid of the group has already busted the height limit. And I think one year on, these remaining three would not be able to go on this ride again too.

So it was good that they repeated this ride for FOUR times in a row - til someone got a little bored.

And someone lost a shoe.

'Drama' aside, it was business as usual for the kiddos as they dictated which rides they wanted to go on.

While Ale was quite the good girl, content to just koala her mummy and drift off to sleep. And to take the occasional photo too.

Flying spaceships, Soaring elephants, Steering vintage cars - they tried them all.

And more than once too.

And where does one go after all these rides?

The playground, of course!

It's amazing how all of them could still have so much energy to expend after all those rides.

But at least the playground was a good place for the adults to sit down and rest.

For me though, my designated seat was to be on one end of a see-saw.

And sending delirious kids up into the air in the process.

We had a break from all the fun, had our lunch, and were back inside the theme park once again.

And did it just get foggier or what?

Well, at least I can blame the camera shakes that show up in my photos on the fog.

Errr... Yup, most definitely the fog's fault.

The kiddos then decided to go for the ultimate challenge - Spinning cups. Right after lunch.

My sentiments exactly.

One time on this ride is never enough for the kiddos. Whee!

And in a final hurrah, the kiddos wanted to tackle a ride that they had never been on before.

The Spinner.

They sure do love all things that spins around huh?

And if the number of times they went on the ride directly correlates to the amount of fun they had on the Spinner, I reckon 5 times draws a pretty solid conclusion.

I too went on it. Once.

Not because I didn't have fun. But because it wouldn't be nice if I broke the chains. :P

Anyway, with that we bade farewell to the rides and went for our fantastic zi-char dinner at the Mushroom Farm, which was located a short drive away from the resort.

Sorry, no photos of the yummy food though as I was kept busy with the chopsticks in one hand and a sleeping Ale in the other.

Well, I do have a photo of the 3 boys on top of 2 deer which looked to be dying of extreme boredom.

Then it was back to the Shopping Plaza once again, for more indoor rides. And this time, Ale was only too eager to go on the Merry-go-round.

There was yet again some drama though.

The boys were actually busy with their arcade game when the girls decided to hop onto the Carousel. And when Ayd found out, he wanted to go on it as well. But he was a tad too late, hence the teary drama. Heh.

Anyway, ALL of us did eventually go on a few more rounds after that, and everyone was satisfied.

Erm, save for one?

It turned out that Ale grew tired of the horses and wanted try an empty pole!

Very cartoon indeed.

And so, it was a funny end to the night as we headed back to our rooms for our last night in Genting. Energy will definitely need to be replenished because these same 5 kiddos shall unleash their carnage on Melaka the very next day.

Oh, and hello to perspiration too. Bummer.

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Prayer Warrior said...

Eh that next pic after the "Aaurgh!!" one, the woman looks like she got a spell cast on her by some black-hooded thing. Eeks. V Halloween. :P

Cheekiemonkies said...

HAHAHAHA... lucky I never posted up the other unglam photos then. :P

Anonymous said...

how do u ve 3 kids and still maintain such gd relationship w ur wife and still in the gd spirits to enjoy life?

i guess the reason why u had 3 kids is because both u and ur wife are loving.

we stopped at one and couldnt continue.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon,

I guess we just try to make the best of whatever situation that life throws at us. I do feel tired at times, and of course lose my temper at the kids too.

But at the end of the day, nobody owes us a living and we will have to make an effort to cultivate the family bonds that we grow to cherish.

I'm no expert when it comes to parenting, and am still learning along the way. So I'm pretty sure you will be able too. :)

- cheekiemonkies Daddy

Isaiah Kuan said...

seeing all the pics, reminds me of my own trip to genting when i was a fun, especially the fog thinking of bringing my kids to genting too...would be their first. =)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Yes Isaiah, you shld... they would love the theme parks to bits! :)

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