Sep 19, 2011

Honey Is Good (Contest Giveaway)

Apart from using honey to coat our BBQ chicken wings, could there be other uses for honey?

Well, thanks to the kind folks at who have sent us cheekiemonkies some honey-related products, we were about to find out.

According to Daddy, besides being a great food product, honey is a fantastic natural source of medicine. For one, honey is nature’s energy booster. In addition, it is a great immunity system builder and also, a natural remedy for many ailments.

And a honey remedy doesn't come better than a Manuka UMF™ honey.

To put it simply, research has shown that most honeys have an anti-bacterial property but some Manuka honeys have an extra anti-bacterial property, which has been named Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). UMF™ is thus the registered trademark of the active manuka honey industry group. It is tested, registered honey for medicinal purposes.

So this means that it is very effective and safe for use on wounds, burns, sore throats, and various skin conditions and even on your pets. For us 2 older monkies, it also means that Manuka helps to keep us free from mouth ulcers and nagging sore throats. Well, of course it makes for a great drink too! :)

And for the adults (like Daddy & Mummy) who always seem to complain that they live in a stressful environment (like Daddy & Mummy, again!), you may want to counter that with some Power Bee ammunition.

The Dr Bee Power Bee capsules combines the triple power strength royal jelly, with bee pollen and Vitamin C. Taken regularly, it serves to boost vitality and helps naturally to support the immune system, revitalize the body and promote general well-being.

But what about ailments, like sore throats? Daddy was just complaining about a scratchy throat the other day, no thanks to the haze.

Well, in Daddy's case, the Dr Bee Propolis Throat Spray is a godsend. Containing essential oils of aniseed, myrrh, clove and peppermint as well as UMF™ 15+ manuka honey, just a spray of it to the back of the throat twice daily made Daddy's throat normal again. 

That explains why he was singing in the bathroom.

Even for mei-mei, there's something that is relevant to her as well.

The Mossop's Baby Balm is a soothing ointment tailored especially to a baby's delicate skin. Developed with gentle plant extracts and Manuka UMF™ 15+ honey, it is the answer to nappy rash! 

Well, it's not only limited to nappy rash as we found out. 'Cos mei-mei's skin has been quite different from us brothers ever since she was born. She's more prone to break out in rashes, especially if she perspires a lot.

See the tiny bumps behind her neck? That area is usually hit the hardest when she perspires. And it doesn't help that she keeps wanting to scratch her neck. Poor thing hor?

We tried the baby balm on her for a few days, and look at the difference after 4 days.

As smooth as tofu I say! Hee.

No wonder she doesn't get cranky and snatch my toys anymore. :P

If you do want to give honey a try, I believe there are many other honey-related products on the website and you can order it all via online! 

Or if you prefer to view the products live in the flesh (or bottles), you can too! will be exhibiting their full range of products, including natural skincare at The Diwali Fair @Orchard Parade Hotel, Antica Ballroom on the following dates:

21 Sept (Wed), 10am - 7pm
22 Sept (Thurs), 10am - 5pm

Catch them there!

CONTEST GIVEAWAY!!! is giving away 4 prizes - Dr Bee Throat Spray (2 winners) and Mossop's Manuka  250g (2 winners) to our lucky blog readers! To stand a chance to win, just follow these simple steps:
  1. 'Like''s Facebook page at
  2. 'Like' our Cheekiemonkies Facebook page at
  3. Leave a comment on's Facebook page - Which of the 2 products (Dr Bee Throat Spray or Mossop's Manuka) you would like to win and why?

Yes, that’s it! Good luck everybody!

A random generator will be used to select 4 lucky winners! So start 'Liking' and 'Commenting' now!

Contest ends on 25th September 2011, 2359 hours.


About by CY Wellness LLP has been in the honey and wellness business since 2000. 

They are the sole distributor for Mossop's Honey in Singapore. Mossop's produces the finest quality Active UMF Manuka Honey in New Zealand and is renowned for their unique processing methods to preserve the goodness of their Manuka. Mossop's Manuka is Active UMF Manuka which means that you can be assured that it is of the highest quality. For more information on Mossop's honey, please visit their website at also stock other health products like Dr Bee and Mossop's Skincare range, and are constantly striving to bring their customers the best range of natural, premium quality health products on the market.

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