Sep 21, 2011

Gu-Gu's Wedding Day

Last Sunday was THE Big Day - Mummy's brother, or otherwise known to us as Gu-Gu, was getting married!

And so all of us were down at Kong-Kong's & Por-Por's house really early in the morning as I was tasked with the great responsibility of opening the bridal car door for Gu-Gu.

Sure, the angpow was a welcome surprise. Hee.

Erm, then more lovey dovey photos were taken while I scooted upstairs first to escape from the heat. :P

Back upstairs, di-di & I were tasked with another responsibility - the jumping of the matrimonial bed. I was told that this would bring Gu-Gu & Jie-Jie lots of children.

Hmmm... although I can't see how, we were nonetheless happy enough to test out the springs of the new bed. After all, how often can one jump so crazily on a bed and escape scolding?

After the adults were done with the tea ceremony, it was our turn to serve the newly-weds tea. More angpows for us then! Hahaha...

As for mei-mei, she was in mighty fine spirits - a miracle, considering all of us were awaken early from our slumber in the morning.

Daddy says she looks so cute in the photo above, and I think I have to agree with him! :D

After lunch, we headed back home for our afternoon nap. Daddy said the nap was compulsory, because the day wasn't over just yet. There was still the solemnization ceremony at the hotel in the evening, followed by the grand wedding dinner.

It was a good thing too, that I had replenished my energy as I was going to be the ring-bearer for the solemnization ceremony.

I think Daddy was more stressed than me, because he was afraid that I would drop/lose the rings during the ceremony!

But his fears were of course unfounded, as everything proceeded nary a hitch and Gu-Gu snared his beautiful bride in the end. Heh.

It was then time for us to proceed upstairs to the Ballroom for the wedding dinner.

And while waiting for the feast to begin, we did the usual pre-wedding dinner routine stuff.

Like taking photos.

Like looking through the couple's Wedding album.

Di-di's looking really professional by the way!

Like taking more photos.

Like penning our congratulatory messages for the newly-weds.

 Like taking more and more photos.

It was a lucky thing that di-di & I had something to eat at home before the Wedding Dinner. Else, we would be rolling on the floor with hunger by the time the dinner started proper. :P

Actually, the dinner didn't begin that late - it was just that we were used to having our dinner quite early.

But once the banquet started, we were more interested in the action on the stage.

Especially since we got to go on the stage for some YAM SENG action! Hee hee.

Contrary to my facial expression, that's NOT vodka I'm holding.
In case you are wondering.

And mei-mei was in fine form as well. After she heard the first Yam Seng, she repeated 'Yaaaammmm...' for our next 2 toasts. Hahaha... it sure tickled all of us!

Congratulations Gu-Gu & Jie-Jie Sherlyn! Wishing the both of you eternal bliss and happiness!

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