Sep 12, 2011

Mini Obstacle Course

Have you heard of Forest Adventure? It's an aerial obstacle course, located within Bedok Reservoir Park and is built through the trees comprising ladders, bridges, swings, nets, trapezes and giant zip lines! Ooh, sounds fun already!!!

Daddy & Mummy had long wanted to bring me there to try out the course, BUT somehow it didn't materialize. And so to my utter delight, we stumbled onto the 'mini' version of the Forest Adventure at East Coast Park one fine weekend. Lucky me indeed! Hee.

The actual course at Bedok Reservoir Park allows participants to swing from tree to tree and zip across the Reservoir. But this Mobile version is just pretty much a condensed 9-obstacle course version of the Kids Course found at the Park.

Not that it mattered to me - as long as I get to climb something.

Equipped with a harness and attached to a safety line, I was all good to go!

Oh, the minimum height requirement is 1.1 metres for kids to try out the Mobile Kids Course.

Which di-di failed to make the grade. So he could only watch me in action at the sidelines - tearfully. :(

Daddy did promise him that he would bring him to the actual Kids Course once he attained the required height. So I guess he would be eating and jumping lots more now, in an attempt to make himself grow taller? Haha.

Anyway, back to my task at hand - conquering the obstacles!

I hopped across the planks and made my way through the net with relative ease.

And when it came to the ladder portion, I had to put my balancing skills to good use.

Especially for the wooden log, where I had to tread ever so gingerly across.

Then it was on to the next half of the course.

Well, I sort of breezed through the remainder of the course. So yaya-papaya right? Hahaha...

Even the final rope bridge obstacle couldn't stand in my way! :P

And with that, I was done!

It costs $10 to go on one round of the Mobile Kids Course, and $5 for an additional round. But the kind uncle waived the additional charge, and asked me if I wanted to tackle the obstacles one more time. Aiyoh, FOC of course want lah

Since di-di didn't get his chance to expend his energy, coupled with the fact that Kong-kong & Por-por were with us too, Daddy & Mummy decided to bring us to the nearby Road Safety Park for us monkies to scoot away.

The elated one was obviously di-di. :)

But I think he scooted too fast, 'cos he needed to replenish his fuel pretty quick. Heh.

As for mei-mei, it was the first time that she had allowed Kong-kong to carry her for SO long. Err, she seems to have this thing against men (except Daddy of course), so prior to this she had only allowed Daddy & Ye-ye to carry her.

Maybe it's a girls' thing?

So needless to say, di-di & me weren't the only ones who were elated that day too. Hee.

And mei-mei's reward?

One big (and ticklish) kiss from Kong-kong!

As for di-di & me, we practically covered the entire Road Safety Park on our scooters.

Which made us REALLY thirsty!

But it was ALL fun!

As we headed back home, I made Daddy promise me to bring me to the actual Forest Adventure obstacle course at Bedok Reservoir soon.

And of course I had di-di's interests at heart when I made Daddy do his sompah. :D

If you are interested in trying out the Mobile course, you can do so at the following dates and venues:

  • 23-25 Sep 2011 - Travel Carnival, Singapore Expo Hall 5A
  • 7-9 Oct 2011 - The Centrpoint, Central Atrium

Have as much as fun as I did!

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Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Zara,

It was a temporary set-up at that time. You can head to its permanent facility at Bedok Reservoir Park.

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