Oct 10, 2011

Ale tries goat's milk

Last Friday, which was also Children's Day, Daddy & Mummy brought us out on a farms excursion at Kranji as a treat. But we will have a more detailed write-up on that later.

Our first stop was at the Hay Dairies goat farm, and of course we got the chance to savour some goat's milk.For mei-mei, it was her first time trying and she was rather curious.

And so she took her first sip.

Her first reaction?

Hee hee... I think the taste kind of took her by surprise because she had all along been used to Mummy's milk.

But she gamely wanted to give it another shot... erm, or suck.

And second time's the charm, I say!

Yup, she loved it so much that she wanted the whole bottle all by herself!

Until there wasn't anymore left.

Which, erm, made her rather upset.

Luckily I offered her my share. ^_^

Which of course made her super duper happy!

Stay tuned for our Kranji farms experience!

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littlekaikai said...

she is very pretty, I like her big eyes:)

Isaiah Kuan said...

hahaha...same reaction from my girls too when we first intro to them..but soon they grow to love it.. =)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi littlekaikai,

Thanks for your compliments! We still have no idea where she got her eyes from though. :P

Hi Isaiah,

The boys only drinks it if it is flavoured with chocolate. Else, it's a no go for them. Haha.

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