Oct 17, 2011

da:ns Workshop

(Daddy boogies)

Over the weekend, the wifey & I brought the 2 boys to a 1-hour Dance workshop - Footwork Twinkle Toes - which was part of the da:ns Festival 2011 organised by the Esplanade.

Since the workshop was to be conducted in a parent-child setting, the princess was left at my parents' place. Though I'm sure she would have loved to bop her body up and down to the music as well. Maybe next year.

The theme of this dance-play was Pop Baby, which I guess the 2 boys must be rather familiar with.

Before we learnt any dance steps proper, there was the warm-up session that we had to undergo - which basically was moving every single part of our bodies, even lying on the floor and pretending to be a starfish.

Then all the kids had to introduce themselves, and say what animal/plant/thing they wanted to be, as well as coming out with an action associated with it.

The usual suspects - bird, dog, cat, tree - surfaced, while Ash chose to be a T-Rex.

As for Ayd, he surprised me with his choice of a pear.

That's right. A PEAR.

With a carefully thought-out action too!

Hahaha... I found it pretty innovative.

After all the fun, we started to learn the dance moves to the song that the instructor had picked.

No prizes for guessing which monkie was the one full of enthusiasm and energy.

Yup, Ayd was definitely serious about his dance.

Ash, on the other hand, kept glancing at the clock and asking what time the class would be ending. But to his credit, he did learn and remember all the dance moves. It's just that his interests lie in the outdoor sporting field we reckon.

But everyone still put up a very good show.

After the performance, there was still some time for a short game.

It was Music Freeze, where the kids had to freeze when the playing music was paused. And Ayd was still very much the Energizer Bunny.

AND still very serious I must say.

 After the workshop, the instructor handed out little gifts as a form of encouragement.

Lollies! And in the monkie's fave strawberry flavour too!

Both monkies certainly did enjoy the dancing, with Ayd being the more on-the-ball one.

As for the wifey and me, we had a good workout too as we had to learn the dance moves alongside with them. And the wifey even had sore calves to show for all the hard work the next morning! Shiok.

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Anonymous said...

hi there. i have a little boy who is 13 mths old... I chanced upon your blog while searching for vacation places to bring kids to. i really like the clothes ur boys wear, like the atari shirt.. may i know where u get them? could you email me at may26 -at- hotmail.com ? thanks in advance!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your compliments! Have emailed u already. :)

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