Oct 18, 2011

Food Monster

(Daddy munches)

For parents with young kids, I guess food is always one of the topmost concern for them. We worry whether they are eating enough, or whether they are getting enough nutrients. We worry when they are eating too much, like junk food and sweets. We worry about our own sanity when they keep wanting to eat the same food all the time but we are actually so sick of it!

Ok, I'm kidding about the last part. But I'm sure that does hold true for parents too.

When Ash was younger, he would regurgitate all his food at the slightest provocation. He could be laughing one minute after lunch, and doing the merlion the next minute. Or he could just be overfed a teeny weeny bit and the moment you turn around, you could hear my mum lamenting how all her efforts were wasted.

As for Ayd, he was a breeze to feed. He could sit still in his high chair throughout his meal, and finish up his entire bowl of porridge. No vomitting and minimum fuss. His only problem was that he loved to store the last few mouthfuls of his meal in his mouth - much like a hamster. No amount of coaxing could get him to swallow or spit it out. The best part was he would just fall asleep with his food still intact in his mouth! And trying to pry open a sleeping child's mouth isn't exactly an easy (or clean) job either.

Among all the 3 monkies, Ale has got to be the one who has no problems with food. She LOVES her food.

No doubt about it. Whether it's her own cereal, porridge, biscuits, or our food like fries, noodles, rice and even durian, she laps it all up.

And for an infant with only 2 upper and 2 lower teeth, she chews pretty darn well. And fast too!

There's simply no escaping her clutches whenever we have food in our hands. The moment she sees someone munching away, she will go scurrying towards that chosen one and look on ever so forlornly.

Like that how not to give???

And as if by clockwork, her body knows exactly when to make space for her newly acquired meal.

That's right, directly after her meal. Or if we are lucky, sometimes halfway through the meal too.

That's a textbook gek sai face, I say.

On a side-note, sometimes I really wonder if these photos (like the one above) would be used at her future wedding video montage? Oops. I hope she doesn't blame me then.

Anyway, back to the business (pardon the pun) at hand, which usually allows her to eat even more after that. Truly satisfying, no?

At the rate she's going, I reckon I will be able to bring her out on prata supper dates very soon! Heh.

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