Oct 12, 2011

Kranji Farms Day Out

It has been quite a long while since we last did the Kranji farms - erm, more than 3 years ago in fact!- and so, Daddy & Mummy decided to bring us 3 monkies for a farm excursion on Children's Day last week.

Wah, there are really lots of farms at the Kranji Countyside huh? I took one look at the map, and couldn't make up my mind which farm I wanted to visit first. Luckily, Daddy already made that decision.

It was off to Hay Dairies first, where we got to see how the goats were milked. Do note that this milking process only takes place from 9-11am, so you know what to do if you want to see the action!

When we were here 3 years ago, we were able to purchase bags of hay to feed the goats and that, to us, was the highlight of the visit. We could get really close to the goats and watch them nibble off the hay from our palms.

Unfortunately, to our disappointment, this is no longer possible due to some AVA regulations. So the only thing we were able to do was to observe the goats from afar.

Not that mei-mei minded I think. I guess it was her first time seeing such animals, so she was rather curious by all the sounds that the goats were making.

As for di-di & me, we got bored rather quickly once we knew we were not allowed to feed the goats. Oops.

But at least there was still the goat's milk as our refreshment!

All of us chose the chocolate flavoured one, because erm, we still can't really get used to the strong smell of the goat's milk.

But I'm sure you know who thoroughly enjoyed her share of the milk.

Yup. And she just kept asking and asking for more.

Being the 2 good older brothers that we are, we gladly gave her our share so that we wouldn't have to finish it.

Hee hee... after all, what are siblings for?

Then, we were off to the next farm - Jurong Frog Farm.

Contrary to its name, the farm isn't in Jurong. Well, I just thought I had better make that clear first. :P

BUT as its name implies, it is a farm of frogs. LOTS of them, in fact.

And di-di & I were both terribly thrilled to see all of them! Why? Because it meant that there were lots of takers for our frog food pellets.

Don't worry about any of the frogs jumping out of their enclosures. I don't think their hind legs are that powerful.

Erm... at least none jumped out while we were there. Heh.

But I guess di-di was still a bit paranoid.

Mummy, on the other hand, went around looking for her frog prince.

And look at what happened to the frog she kissed.


Just kidding. It was a happy ending for all of us as we thoroughly enjoyed feeding the frogs, and for mei-mei too as her eyes were kept busy by the jumping frogs.

After viewing animals, it was time for a change and we proceeded to Aero-Green Technology for a lesson in plant science.

This farm is the first commercial farm in Asia to adapt the aeroponics technology to grow vegetables in Singapore.

But it isn't all about that, as there was still a large plot of farm land with various produce for us to explore.

And touch too.

But I think di-di was more interested in the cat that was following him though.

He said it was because the cat liked him. I reckon it was due to the bag of chips he was clutching. Hee.

There were many different types of vegetables, herbs and gourds there, with some being exceptionally bigger than our heads!

I know it makes for a pot of good soup, but don't even think about it Daddy.

Speaking of soup, I guess it kind of made our tummies rumble.

So where else but to Poison Ivy Bistro at Bollywood Veggies to get our engines refueled!

Be sure to order the Warrior Chicken Curry (sounds garang already!) which is Daddy's & Mummy's absolute fave. While di-di & I prefer the Chicken Stew, and I think it found a new fan in mei-mei too!

And after we were done, we could go burn off those extra calories at the mini play area located beside the bistro. 

2 conveniently placed basket hoops were the main attractions for di-di & me, and you cannot imagine the amount of time the both of us spent playing there.

Well, that's not to say we didn't explore the many produce that the farm has to offer. From the bananas, to the chilli and dill, there were lots of plants to see, smell and touch.

Oh, and the occasional zen moment too.

Actually, we were blowing away on our bird whistlers, hoping that some birds would flock to us.

Daddy said we were lucky no bird poo landed on our heads. Hmph.

And as we approached the middle of the afternoon, I think mei-mei was trying to tell us something.

Tired. Sapped. Zonked.

I think all of us were pretty much too.

Who wouldn't, after nearly an entire two-thirds of a day at the farms and under the scorching sun too?

But we did enjoy the farms tremendously, and will definitely be looking forward to visit the other farms the next time. Hopefully we don't have to wait for another 3 years. Haha.

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Anonymous said...

nice blog. enjoyed reading. also informative .

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your kind words and for dropping by too! :)

Josephine Minerva said...

I'm glad to see this post after googling what (and where) fun activities to do with my new toodler girl..been planning to go to the Kranji Farm! :) THanks for all the helpful guides and insights! might be visiting (or stalking hehe) your blog time to time :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Josephine,

Glad you found it to be useful! Have fun! :)

Anonymous said...


Like the way you write the info. Quite detailed & informative.

Cheekiemonkies said...


Thanks for your kind words! :)

Ashish said...

Very nice blog.. Enjoyed reading. You have lovely kids :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Ashish, for your kind words! :)

Alvis said...

Hi, in overall would you recommand to stay in this resort? i know it a few years back when you guys went there.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Alvis,

Do you mean the resort in Kranji? No, we have not stayed there before.

Anonymous said...

Best blog for parents in Singapore. i will keep reading and "steal" all your plans and ideas. Keep it up. Thanks.

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