Oct 4, 2011

Looking alike

(Daddy compares)

Ever had some stranger come up to you and mention how both or all your offspring look so darn alike?

I'm sure you had been down that road. And countless times in fact.

We always get people asking if Ash & Ayd are twins, and I can never see the reason behind their question. Perhaps it's more of a personal perception thing - it's difficult to tell if your own kids look alike but it's way easier to see if someone else's kids look alike. Much like how it's easier to think that other people's farts are always more pungent than oneself's?

So I'm confident that you would be able to tell the 3 monkies apart below.

But as Ale grows, this whole similarity game gets clearer now.

Ayd & Ale definitely bear the most resemblance I think.

Now we just have to wait for the long hair to sprout.

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--andy-- said...

People ask whether my 2nd and 3rd are Twins (2 years apart). We tell them my 2nd child is fussy eater, and third one caught up :(

Your situation is definitely brighter haha.

Edmund said...

Yes! The kids really look alike!:)

Cheekiemonkies said...


Haven't had the chance to meet the rest of your other lovely kids yet. I'll let you know if they look like twins when I see them. Haha.


Haha! Yes, I'm beginning to see it too... especially when I look back at the photos of my boys when they were younger.

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