Oct 27, 2011

MacRitchie's Submerged Boardwalk

Yesterday was a public holiday, so besides being able to wake up a little later than usual, di-di & I were eager to know what programme Daddy & Mummy had lined up for us.

But the best programme can often go up in smoke if the weather isn't cooperative. Luckily for us, it was an extremely beautiful morning. (Well, the mandatory thunderstorm did arrive in the afternoon but we were already home by then. Phew!)

We headed down to MacRitchie Reservoir Park with Kong-kong & Por-por, where we heard that there was a new feature which allowed us to walk on water.

Ooh, sounds exciting already!

And as we walked the park to locate it, there was still the usual photo-taking to be done. Heh.

Mr. Sun was a bit too enthusiastic huh? I think mei-mei shared the same sentiments.

It was actually quite nice to bask in the morning sun, while taking a slow walk among all the greenery.

I had no idea that all these water would eventually make its way through our taps at home, so it was interesting to hear Daddy tell di-di & me what the reservoir was all about.

Well, at least it made the walk to our desired location seemed shorter. :P

At last, we reached our destination.

The Submerged Boardwalk.

Where visitors can literally walk on water via a 40-metre submerged boardwalk from one reservoir's bank to another.

There is a water landscape area just by the side of the boardwalk, which has water plants such as the Beach Morning Glory and Pigweed to help to purify the water in the reservoir by filtering out sediment.

There are also dykes and reed beds, which filter out rainwater from the surrounding pavements before they flow into the reservoir. Larger sediments in the water are allowed to settle while the plants on the reed beds absorb the pollutants, so cleaner water flows into the reservoir.

Or at least that's what Daddy told us.

But enough of the educational bits. It was time for us to get our feet wet!

Fear of the water?

NAH, absolutely not!

We were only too happy to be walking, running and jumping (in no particular order) on the boardwalk.

See proof.

And more proof.

As for mei-mei, she simply adores water so how can she pass up such a good chance?

She even became very much the poser too!

The good thing about the submerged boardwalk is that the maximum depth of water on the boardwalk is just 5cm, hence it's safe for everyone, regardless of age.

No wonder mei-mei was in such high spirits.

Actually, make that 3 of us!

Kong-kong & Por-por were happy to get their feet wet too I suppose. Hee.

Oh, and did you know the iconic Bandstand & zigzag bridge (which are beside the boardwalk) were given conservation status by URA?

Hmmm... Daddy probably shouldn't walk or run on it then - in case he cause it to collapse. Heehee.

Any running should be done on the Submerged Boardwalk we reckon. And so, here we go again!

All the splashing around made mei-mei want to join in the action too.

So she made her move.

Watch her go!

Erm, oops. 

Luckily, Mummy was there to save the day.

But mei-mei wanted to run down the boardwalk once more.

And so she did.

Only this time, there was parental guidance.

Eventually, she deemed crawling to be a faster alternative.

As the sun approached its top most point, it was time to head back to dry land.

Do remember to go in flip-flops if you want to walk on water too, and also bring along a towel or a change of clothes if you intend to get drenched, like us.

Mei-mei definitely had buckets of fun sploshing water all around. So it wasn't any wonder that she wailed loudly when we were preparing to leave.

Til next time! Daddy & Mummy promise. :D

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Isaiah Kuan said...

looks totally fun! thanks for the education info =)

your little princess is really growing to be quite a natural for photos.

Cheekiemonkies said...


If your girls love water as much as my monkies do, I'm sure they will love it there as well! :D

--andy-- said...

This is definitely one cool water-walk, buy why no bare-foot?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Andy,

There weren't any signs that requested park-goers to be barefooted.

Plus, I guess it would probably be safer for the kids with shoes on, because there were sand and tiny stones present at certain parts of the boardwalk.

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