Oct 28, 2011

Supermarket Sweep Part 2

Back in 2009, di-di & I had our first encounter with kid-sized shopping trolleys at the supermarket.

Cheekiemonkies in 2009!

We really look so young then. Hee.

And since then, we have always been clamouring to go to the Cold Storage supermarket at Jelita whenever we need to do our grocery shopping.

Fast forward to now, it is now mei-mei's turn to be the Shopping Queen!

She looked so cute pushing the shopping cart, don't you think so?

But she has yet to her hone her sense of direction, so it was a good thing that there was a handle attached to the cart for adults to assist in the navigation.

And despite attempts to steer her away, she still managed to stumble onto the sweets section. Heh.

A little toddler's legs can only do so much walking. And so, when her legs began to tire, there was always someone, aka me, to help her out.

Good thing she's able to fit right into the cart!

Me think she enjoyed being pushed around than pushing the cart.

Daddy foresees that the next time we are back for grocery shopping, we would need THREE trolleys in order to keep all of us happy. And he reckons it's gonna be havoc!

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