Nov 20, 2011

Cupcakes DIY

Di-di & I transformed into Junior Chefs on a Saturday morning. 

Well, actually it was a Junior Chef workshop by the Icing Room where we got to DIY our very own cupcakes!

The task looked simple enough - we were given our own apron & work space, and our very own 6 botak cupcakes with icing sugar, cream & different colours of fondants.

Me think di-di was easily the most excited kid there. Haha...

Soon, the class started and our teacher guided us step-by-step as we piled on the different ingredients.

Well, that was all Daddy & Mummy saw... because Daddy had to lull mei-mei to sleep while Mummy erm... went shopping. Hee.

And when they returned to pick us up at the end of the workshop, di-di & I had our cupcakes all readied and decorated.


Errr... hope you can tell what the cupcakes look like. In case you need help, they are bee hives, Garfield, and mice. :P

We definitely enjoyed decorating our very own cupcakes, and in fact they tasted very good too!

We know, because we ate them for breakfast this morning! And no, no stomachaches so far. :D

For more details about the workshop, please click HERE.

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