Nov 21, 2011

Gardens by the Bay WASHOUT

With the World Orchid Conference in town for the the past week, certain parts of the Gardens by the Bay were opened to the public for a sneak preview. And since we were typical Singaporeans, we waited til the last day (which was yesterday) to make our way down to Marina South to catch those Supertrees and more.

Well, in the end the only thing we manage to catch was the thunderstorm!

The wretched weather wasn't in the least cooperative and a downpour ensued by the time we reached there. So yes, we got pretty much stuck in the shelter there.

Much like everyone else.

Can you see the disappointment from our faces?

Di-di & I were looking so much to scooting around the Gardens on our scooters, but alas it was not to be. 

So in the end, we whiled our time away with some ferocious beasts in the shelter as we awaited for the rain to come to a stop.

And naturally, the cheekiemonkies couldn't stay still for very long... so we hammed it up for Daddy's camera in a bid to keep ourselves busy. Heh.

Perhaps 'goofed up for the camera' would be a more apt description. :P

Mei-mei, on the other hand, preferred the mini elephant though.

 Unfortunately for us, the rain didn't just get lighter... it got heavier instead! Sheesh.

So we had no choice but to abandon our Gardens Scoot plan, and scoot off to another place in the end.

But we pretty much liked what we saw of the Gardens, although we were under the shelter most of the time. So we would definitely be back when it officially opens in June next year!

For now though, the Bay East of the Gardens by the Bay is already OPEN to public and we have suggested it as a place of activity for our 100 Holiday Activities for Kids this year. So yes, we will make do with that for now. :)

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