Nov 29, 2011

Partying with my K2 friends

I attended my classmate, Wenxuan's birthday over the weekend and it was great to see all my K2 classmates once again. All of us would be venturing to different primary schools come next year, so this party gave us the perfect (final?) chance to play wildly together.

That's the birthday princess, and since the party was at Ridout McDonald's, there was sure to be fun and games led by the party host!

Erm... well, actually it was just one game - we had to use a spoon to transfer as many bottle caps we could in the given time. And one surefire way to up the competitiveness level was to pit the boys versus the girls!

As the counting of the bottle caps began, every kid was looking on in anticipation.

And the result? The girls won!


But no, we boys didn't demand a recount. Instead, we tucked into our Happy Meals. :D

And the girls were such copycats too! :P

As for mei-mei, she was far too happy with her stash of fries.

After all the food, it was time to flex some muscles for PINATA TIME!!!

I think the party host was rather paranoid that the stick would somehow hit her. Hee hee.

I don't blame her actually... just see how much force we all put into whacking the poor castle.

Di-di pretty much epitomized that look of enthusiasm, I think.

FINALLY, the castle gave way and candy started pouring down.

Which obviously caused a mad scramble.

And after all the dust has settled, there was something very important that was left to do - cut the cake! Oh, and of course sing Happy Birthday to Wenxuan too.

It was certainly fun playing with all my classmates once more... who knows when we will ever meet again?

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Anonymous said...

di-di's hands are very notti! haha!

Cheekiemonkies said...

hahaha! Erm.... kind of. :P

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