Nov 30, 2011

Penang Getaway - Adventure Zone

(Daddy recounts)

As if the water play area at the Hard Rock Hotel's swimming pools weren't enough, the boys clamoured to be brought to a drier playground - an Indoor Playground that promises to bring those adrenaline levels to dizzying heights.

Changi Airport T3 may have its Tallest spiral slide, and Amazonia may have its high wave slide... but you ain't see nothing yet til you see THE slides at Adventure Zone at Golden Sands Resort!

Check out the 3 Drop Slides & 3-lane Wave Slide!

These slides are the main attractions in this 10,300 square feet indoor play facility. Of course, there are the usual playgym-kind of obstacles and a play zone for toddlers aged 4 and below but I don't think my monkies really cared about that.

And for starters, the boys rode down the Wave Slide in the gunny sacks.

It looked so fun that I had to give it a go too!!!

To put it simply in Singlish - it was dem fun can!!! Confirm, and double confirm lor!

Then the boys wanted to up the challenge, and so they decided to go onto the wavy blue slide.

This one looked equally as fun, but alas, one has to be clad in long sleeve tops when using the drop slides. So I could only look on in envy as Ash & Ayd went slamming into the colourful balls again and again.

And of course, they got a tad bored of that blue slide after a few rides... so they turned their attention to the RED ones.

Now these red slides are the penultimate ones in my opinion. They are vertical drop slides and trust me, they looked extremely intimidating from where I was standing.

But credit to my 2 boys, they bravely trudged up the long flight of stairs and wanted ever so gamely to try out those slides!

Erm, maybe there was a last minute change of heart?


They loved it! Although perhaps their Mummy couldn't understand why. Hahaha...

So it wasn't a surprise when the 2 boys declared they wanted to tackle the final one there - the tallest vertical drop slide.

I think just by looking at them coming down the slide, I already broke out in cold sweat.

But obviously it was no sweat for the both of them!

And so, they went on that slide so many times til I utterly lost count.

That was Ash. And here comes Ayd.

Suffice to say, we had a totally fun afternoon there at the Adventure Zone. 

And actually for me, one of the best things of this place wasn't the slides or the crazy fun factor - rather, I have to say I was very impressed by the cleanliness and the staff there. All the equipment were very well-maintained and clean, and as for the staff, they were always keeping their eyes on the kids and ever ready to render their help.

I have a feeling the boys are going to nag me to bring them to Penang again - and it's all because of those vertical slides! But next time, I'll remember to bring a long sleeve top for myself too! :D

Some useful info:

Golden Sands Resort is located along Batu Ferringhi, and it is along the same stretch of hotels as Hard Rock Hotel.

Dress Code: Socks must be worn when on the play equipment, and long sleeve tops must be worn when using any of the slides

Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm

For resort guests
Children : RM40 for half day package or RM20 per 2 hour session
Adults enter free of charge with paying children

For non-resort guests
Children : MYR30 per 2 hour session
Adults enter free of charge with paying children

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Edmund said...

We were there as well! U are right that it is very FUN! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Yup, I read it from your blog too. The boys are missing it already!

--andy-- said...

Thanks for this write up, my kids are now rehearsing A&A's sliding skills haha :)

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