Dec 13, 2011

i Light Marina Bay 2012 Preview

(Daddy reports)

I was invited to the press conference for i Light Marina Bay 2012, the 2nd edition of Asia's first and only sustainable light art festival.

Themed "Light Meets Asia", the festival will feature innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations by 30 multi-disciplinary artists, with a strong focus on works from Asia.

And apart from the blindingly beautiful light installations, visitors can also look forward to other complementary activities - including a night picnic and carnival, outdoor performances, guided light walks, educational talks and workshops - all to ensure there is something for everyone from the young to the old.

Ten artists and their works were unveiled at the media conference, and five of them were in attendance.

And one of the sample installation at the conference was Miss Olivia d'Aboville's Coral Garden, a festival commission.

Coral Garden is an installation of multitude of coral-like sculptures made up entirely of cocktail stirrers(!!!) and trust me, they do look seemingly like the coral reef with the illumination.

Viewers would be able to feel the 'corals' and interact with them, as fish do with actual reefs. Olivia, who is from the Philippines, says this makes reference to ongoing restoration projects wich seek to stiumuate the reformation of damaged reefs.

The other light installation I am particularly eager to see would be Mr. Takahiro Matsuo's (Japan) White Rain.

It is essentially an installation of white light, which makes use of a specially-designed acrylic bar encasing LED, sensors and other motion-sensor equipment. And through movement, participants are able to experience the poetry of white light which falls like rain around them.

Take a look at this video of his installation.

Beautifully enchanting, isn't it?

i Light Marina Bay will return next year from 9 March to 1 April 2012 nightly.

I can't wait! And I'm sure my monkies will be just as delighted to view these light installations as well. :)

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XOXO, Michelle said...

Hey! I had to miss the press conference - may I post a brief with link to your post on my blog?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Paula,

Thanks for dropping by! :)

No prob at all. Thanks!!!

- Kelvin

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