Dec 12, 2011


Mummy's workplace held their Family Day at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and so luckily for di-di & me, we got to tag along as well! Woot!

Mei-mei didn't come along though, because she's too tiny to go on most of the rides anyway. So Daddy & Mummy thought it would be better if she stayed at home with Ye-ye & Ma-ma.

As soon as the gates opened, we hurried to try on a new ride. Well, at least to us anyway. The last time when we were at USS, the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure attraction wasn't open yet.

So now, we had a chance to try out this river boat ride.

Final verdict? All of us thought it was uninspiring at best.

Granted that the character installations were very well done and colourful...

But the storyline and ride felt a little too monotonous. So yup, we wouldn't be back on that ride for some time yet.

As we went in search for our next ride to conquer, we couldn't help but wonder... where was the crowd?????

The Lost World was pretty desolate, and so was Ancient Egypt.

The crowd was of course gathered at the park's newest attraction - TRANSFORMERS The Ride!

Check out the mass of people behind us in the photo above. It's madness, crazy, delirious - all rolled into one. Why? Because the estimated waiting time was 120 minutes. TWO whole hours!!! Just to rot while standing in line.

We figured that would be far too long a rotting time, so we headed back to other zones for our adrenaline fix.

Errr... okay, so the merry-go-round isn't quite the adrenaline inducing ride. But we had to go on it at least once! Or at least that was what di-di wanted.

We did have our fair share of thrills after that. 

4 dosage of thrills in fact - at the Enchanted Airways roller coaster!

Oh, and add another 4 times of Canopy Flyer to that list. Heh.

It was our first time taking the Canopy Flyer ride, despite having been to USS 2 previous times and we absolutely loved this ride!

And of course along the way, we stopped to have our photographs taken with various characters as well.

Some were cute, while some were downright creepy. The latter I like! Hee.

As we approached mid-afternoon, it was time to heed the Autobots' call.

The indicated rotting time was 40 minutes, which we thought was pretty reasonable. And so, we joined the queue.

Naturally, di-di & I were in high spirits as we both were looking so forward to getting on this ride for the longest time.

Ever since Daddy told me about this Transformers ride in the beginning of this year, I was constantly checking back with him to see if the ride was ready. But actually, I reckon that Daddy was the more excited one than di-di & me combined! Haha.

40 minutes of wait time is clearly no joke, and one would have to pass through SIX rooms worth of queues before reaching the ride! Luckily, there were plenty of exhibits and LCD screens detailing the various Autobots and Decepticons in each room.

Like Scorponok's detached tail.

And the All-Spark that the Decepticons were craving so badly for.

Well, it certainly made the wait a little less painful. :P

Notice that di-di wasn't in any of the previous Transformers-related photos above. That was because he drifted off to sleep while waiting!

But he woke just in time when we were in the last waiting room and collected our 3D glasses.

FINALLY the end is nigh!

We got into this blue vehicle called EVAC, which a brand new Autobot Transformer specially created for this ride. And in it, we were put through this high speed thrill ride with the Decepticons hot on our tails.

After 4.5 minutes of pure adrenaline, ALL of us - and that includes Mummy! - were in love with the ride. It was totally awesome! Daddy, especially couldn't stop raving about it and quite frankly, neither could di-di nor me. Hee hee.

It's really quite difficult to explain what the ride felt like. You have got to experience it on your own... the motion of the vehicle, the hyper-realistic 3D effects, the action sequences - they all came together seamlessly.

And our final conclusion?

We had to go on it again!!!

Erm, but obviously we weren't prepared to go through another round of waiting that soon again, so we went back to some of the other rides we had previously gone on.

Oh, and of course more photos too!

As the sun set, we decided it was time to give the Transformers ride one more shot. And so, we were back at the Autobots Headquarters once more.

This time it was a 45-minute wait. That was what was flashed on the screen when we joined the queue anyway, but the actual queuing time took slightly less than 30 minutes. Which is definitely ALL good!

And what of our second time experience?

Still as awesome as ever. In fact, Daddy wanted to go on it again! :P

We didn't, to Daddy's disappointment. HA!

But we did catch the Christmas Light-up show along Hollywood street, with falling 'snow' as an added bonus!

And that was the perfect ending to an utterly tiring but fun-filled day at Universal Studios Singapore. The highlight was obviously the Transformers ride, and also the Transformers merchandise we got after that too. :D

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Anonymous said...

What is the transformer ride actually? Is it like a roller coaster? Suitable for 3 year old? Thks!

Cheekiemonkies said...


The min. height to take the ride is 102cm. It's like a 4D simulation ride actually, but the vehicle moves from room to room which has big screens where one views the 3D action.

There're loud sounds and flashing light, with some jerking movements as well.

Hope it helps! :)

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