Dec 2, 2011

Penang Getaway - The Food

 (Daddy salivates)

We didn't go out of our way to look for good food actually. In fact, we just relied on one of our good friends' recommendations on where to go pamper our stomachs. There was only one problem - there just weren't enough meals to try everything!

One of the newest place to spring up in Penang is the Straits Quay Marina.

Not only does it have pontoon berths for docking boats, it has retail shops as well as waterfront dining. Much like a combination of Raffles Marina and Boat Quay.

We had to go try the Peranakan food at Nyonya Breeze, we were told. And so we did.

This was our first meal in Penang since we landed, so naturally we were all famished!

And the first dish to appear in front of us was a salad - Nasi Ulam.

Nasi Ulam, or Nyonya Herbed Rice Salad, is basically steamed rice with lots of greens and herbs. Known as the Queen of all Peranakan rice, this dish is served cold and with all-too-shiok sambal. It was my first time trying this Nasi Ulam (it's rare in Singapore) and I loved how the taste of the herbs were infused together with the grains of rice.

And things got even better after that.

The curry chicken was my top fave, as well the pig stomach soup. Oh, and I also love the... heck, I'll just pick everything! As for Ash & Ayd, they loved the chap chye and soups. They just love all kinds of Chinese-style soups - Canto-boys they definitely are.

Ale also deserted her jar food and went for the the combination of rice, vegetables and soup. Smart gal I say. No wonder everyone were thoroughly satisfied (and bloated!) after lunch.

Needless to say, we had to take a stroll along the Marina to soothe those bulging tummies.

Lots of photo-taking opportunities that's for sure.

Straits Quay is quite a nice place, though I think it would be even better at night. For one, it wouldn't be that hot, while the seafront would only serve to up the ambiance level at night.

At least the sun served its purpose too. :D

Shadow play!

For dinner, we had a craving for seafood so we headed to an ulu (or secluded) part of Penang. 

It's in Telok Bahang, off Batu Ferringhi and the feel of the place was totally serene and laid back.

This was the backyard of the seafood restaurant - nice place to mill the time away while waiting for the food to arrive.

 With a place like this, the boys forgot all about playing with iPhones. Heh.

Yup, I would jump for joy too.

And when our food finally arrived, the highlight has got to be this.

Salted egg Crab. Heavenly.

The clams and cheese-baked oysters were just as tantalizing, as were the other dishes. I didn't manage to take a lot of photos... erm well, because I was too busy whacking the food.

But I took a photo of the menu though - in case anyone needed the address of the seafood restaurant. :P

And if you want a nice place to dine, complete with a beach view, there are definitely plenty of restaurants to choose from.

But the one which came recommended was this rather aptly named restaurant - Beach Corner Cafe.

Beach Corner is along the Batu Ferringhi stretch, and beside The Ship restaurant which is in the shape of - you guessed it - a ship.

Much like the Fishing Village Restaurant, the boys had the beach to keep them occupied.

Dishes to try include the Duck Yam claypot, as well as the Assam Prawns. Sedap!

The springrolls also came highly recommended, but unfortunately they were not ready when we were there for lunch. Looks like we have to make a trip back to Penang to try those rolls then. :D

And for the hawker centre experience, there is the Long Beach Food Centre along Batu Ferringhi to try the likes of Char Kway Teow, Prawn Mee, Assam Laksa, Satay... you get the drift.

Utterly packed, and full of tourists. Food-wise, it's decent fare but I guess it's a convenient place to try out all kinds of food under one roof.

The satay is one gem though! Slurp!

Or if one has an enormous appetite, there are the dim sum breakfast buffets!

We indulged in one such buffet along Gurney Drive and it costs RM15 per adult. I know, totally worth it!

Sigh, I miss Penang's food already. As much as my boys miss the Water play area at Hard Rock Hotel I reckon.

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Yen said...

May I know which resturant did you have your dim sum buffet at?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Yen,

The restaurant name is Wang Chao, along Gurney Drive. :)

Yen said...


Thank you! Was it difficult to drive around Penang?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Yen,

Not really. The road signs were pretty helpful enough. But the traffic does get crazy during peak hours. So if you intend to drive and your departing flight is in the morning, b sure to give lots of buffer time because the morning traffic is very very heavy - worse than S'pore's.

Yen said...


Thank you very much for the advises! Decided not to drive. Going to hire a van and driver and have some R&R. We are going this Sunday for 3nights.. Looking forward to it!

Yen said...


Thank you very much for the advises! Decided not to drive. Going to hire a van and driver and have some R&R. We are going this Sunday for 3nights.. Looking forward to it!

Cheekiemonkies said...

No prob. Enjoy and have lots of fun (& food)!!! :)

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