Jan 9, 2012

Ash's Birthday Celebrations

I have been coping rather well since school started last week. More so since I turned 7 years old on the first day of school... cannot lose face right? Heh.

For my Birthday treat, Daddy & Mummy brought me for some yummy xiaolongbao since that was one of my favourite foods. Did you know? The most di-di & I ever walloped in a single seating was 8 each! :p

So it wasn't any surprise that after our heavy meal, all of us were too full to smile for the camera. Except for mei-mei of course.

But making monkie faces for the camera... that we still can do! :D

On my actual Birthday, we had the usual routine of going to Swensens to claim my free Birthday sundae!

Yup, I had to put on my most exaggerated candle-snuffing pose. Ever.

And my Birthday loot? I had tons of fun fixing up my Kre-O Transformers and Lego's Hero Factory figurines!

What say we do a post-Birthday celebration next month? Hahaha...

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