Jan 8, 2012

Ash's first week in P1

(Daddy recalls)

Time really flies, especially when one least expects it to. It really seemed not too long ago that Ash first trotted into N1 four years ago with his face streaked with tears. At that time, he was still the tiny toddler who looked especially cute with his tiny bag all ready for school.

Now, he has all grown up.

The first day of P1 was also his 7th Birthday, so it was definitely a momentous day for him. For me, it was just as momentous because the last time I woke up at the ungodly time of 5.30am, it was for... see, it was that long ago.

As tough as it was for the wifey & me to peel ourselves away from the bed, I guess it was even more difficult for Ash to get used to such a routine. But after 4 days of school, I have to say he has been adapting to it pretty well. And without coffee too.

As we trekked into the school compound on Day 1, Ash gripped onto my hand more tightly than before. Or was it the other way around? I couldn't help but worry about the most mundane of things - Would he be lost in school? Would he be able to buy his own food during recess time? Would he be able to walk steadily with his over-sized schoolbag?

Gosh, this was harder than what I had anticipated to it to be.

But letting go was precisely what I needed to do. And to the school's credit, it has a buddy system in place where the Primary 4 children are assigned to be buddies of these group of Primary 1 fresh-lings for the first 2 weeks of school. So as we left Ash with his classmates at Assembly time, it was relatively fuss-free when we bade him farewell.

Come recess time, the wifey and I were 20 minutes early at the designated waiting area where Ash would meet us briefly after he had his food. 15 minutes into recess time and there was still no sign of him. We were speculating if he was trying his best to spend his entire pocket money fortune.

10 minutes to the end of recess, he finally appeared. He explained he wanted to have his fave food, chicken rice, and the queue was very long. Maybe the stall had some makansutra award or something.

Parents were allowed to meet briefly with their kids during recess time for the first 3 days of school. But we didn't need all 3 days. 

Ash spoke to us for less than 5 minutes during our recess meeting on the second day before asking if he could join his friends at the playground. That's a a sure sign that he is adapting to school really well if you ask me! And so, we reckoned he wouldn't need us to be around for the third day.

By the end of the fourth day of school, we can see that he was coping rather well in his new routine. We spoke to his Form Teacher, and she informed us that Ash has been tasked to look out for a special needs girl in his class as the Teacher has found him to be responsible and up to the task. I guess his bossiness trait has finally found a use. Haha. But frankly, I am immensely proud of him! :)

This may just be the beginning, but I'm pleased that everything has turned out pretty alright so far. Except for the 5.30am wake-up time that is. *grumble*

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