Jan 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, dear Ash!

(Daddy writes)

Ash turns 7 today and goodness, I didn't think time would pass this fast at all. Suddenly, my eldest child is of primary school going age and he is not a toddler anymore.

On New Year's Day, we had a small celebration with some of Ash's closest buddies - complete with a BBQ and of course, his Birthday cake.

His cake came with 3 Skylanders, which is the current fave Wii game for him and Ayd by the way. And so yes, he was absolutely thrilled with his cake. :)

Just seeing the delight in our child's eyes always makes everything seem worth it, doesn't it?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH! May you always be the happy, healthy and helpful boy that you always have been! Daddy and Mummy love you so very much!

On top of being Ash's 7th Birthday, today also marks another momentous milestone in his life - his first day at Primary One.

I'll blog about his entry into the exams-laden world at a later post, but let me just say that he came through the first day relatively fuss-free. He performed much much better than I expected. Really. So naturally, I'm beaming with pride. Heh.

Well done, Ash! :)

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