Jan 2, 2012

The Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012 Experience

(Daddy countdowns)

On the last day of 2011, Ayd awoke in the morning with a tremendous sense of excitement. All because he knew he was going to catch the Fireworks at the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown later that night.

It wasn't supposed to be him though. I originally wanted to Ash to tag along with me, but he passed up on the offer. And so, Ayd jumped at the chance to be one half of the Partying Duo!

With both of us duly rested in the afternoon, we arrived at the Marina Bay area slightly just before 8pm. Yup, that was a FULL 4 hours before the Fireworks light up the sky.

But this crowd obviously didn't the mind the wait one bit.

As an Official Blogger for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2012, I was assigned to the Esplanade area to soak in the Countdown celebrations atmosphere and also to mingle with the festive crowd.

Luckily, there were quite a number of fringe activities like the concert performance and video screening at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre to keep everyone, including my Ayd, occupied.

After warming our rears for quite a fair bit, we then decided to take a leisurely stroll along the Esplanade Waterfront... which was still relatively fuss-free and easy to maneuver.

Which I don't think it will stay that way as the clock edged towards midnight.

All along the Bay, people had been camping since... goodness know what time??? They were armed with tripods, picnic mats, food, music and lots of high spirits. And one thing was for certain - the captivating night scene at the Marina Bay was the star attraction.

And it has no short of admirers, that was for sure.

All the walk had made Ayd & me hungry, so we trotted into the Esplanade for some dessert (and air-con).

Someone obviously was quite happy with the phone food.

9.30pm and we then headed back out, just in time to see the crowd steadily filtering in.

Ayd was probably on a sugar-high following his milkshake and waffles ingestion, so that explained why he requested to pose in front of the camera.

With his new-found toy, no less.

We then made our way up to the rooftop of the Esplanade, courtesy of Miss Elizabeth from The Esplanade. That, of course, gave us a fantastic view of the entire Marina Bay area and its enchanting backdrop.

Ayd was also so taken in by the amazing view, that he wanted to take a few photos with his camera!

And this was his effort.

Not too bad eh?

And my effort. Heh.

As the time inched towards the magical hour, we could see lots of people starting to fill in the empty spaces just outside the Esplanade.

Ayd was getting a tad drowsy by that time, so I told Ayd to get a brief rest before the real action began.

And when the Countdown did began, the entire sky was illuminated with a dazzling sequence of Fireworks!

It is really quite difficult to describe the entire 8 minutes of Fireworks display. To stand there and watch the pyrotechnics explode into full blooms of colours just above you is nothing short of breathtaking.

And since I was too preoccupied with the video-taking of the Fireworks, the task of photographing the Fireworks fell to Ayd.

And I believe the effort wasn't too shabby, eh?

And when the last Firework fizzled out, it was the start of the brand new year! 

Happy New Year, once again! And a very big Thank You to Marina Bay Singapore and URA for the chance to experience the 2012 Countdown in an utmost special manner! We certainly had loads of fun from the start to finish!

*All photos (except Ayd's photos) were taken using a Nikon Coolpix P7100.

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