Mar 5, 2012

Cheekiemonkies. Just add water.

(Daddy experiments)

I have long come to remember one particular recipe by heart.

1. Add 1 (giant) part water to 3 parts cheekiemonkies.

2. Stir well.

3. Watch them explode.

Explode with squeals and shrieks of laughter that is.

Invariably, this is the definitive chemical reaction between water and my monkies. And I believe this holds true form most kids, unless proven otherwise.

I guess my wifey & I are lucky in the sense that we never had to coax any of those three monkies to go into the water. Rather, we always have to coax them out of it.

Just the other day when we went to the Wave House at Sentosa, there was a dipping pool as well. And my, they spent a good 1 hour in that pool - doing nothing but just splashing water around.

It was all the more amazing considering there wasn't any water slides or structures for them to play with.

Well, they did came up with one silly game. The see-who-can-splash-at-Daddy's-camera-first game.


So I let them be and joined the girls by the beach instead.

It was a great day out at the beach if you asked me. Only thing was, Ale wasn't exactly ready with the sand-in-your-toes experience yet.

And she only looked that happy because she thought she was playing a game of cling with her Mummy.

Only when she was put back into the pool, was she moving around like a fish.

Or maybe a frog.

But fish, frog, or crocodile, all of them sure love to play in water that's for sure. It's a surefire way to make them really happy (and dark).

Just add water!

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Unknown said...

Love love love the first pic of Ale!!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Adora,

Thanks! Me too actually! :D

- Kelvin

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