Mar 4, 2012

Hansel & Gretel Play

Thanks to ACT 3 and Sixth Sense Communications, we were invited to the the theatre production of Hansel & Gretel by Lyngo Theatre U.K. at the Fushionopolis yesterday morning.

Guess the signboard said it all huh? That the play is for kids aged 4 and older. So that probably explained why di-di & I were at all smiles, while Ale was looking subdued?

Mummy accompanied us for the play, while Daddy volunteered to spend some one-on-one quality time with mei-mei. So it wasn't any surprise that we only had one photo to show for it.

Haha... actually it was because all of us were too engrossed in the play. Don't ask us why but di-di & I especially liked the parts with the Witch in it.

And while we were in the theatre, what was mei-mei doing?

Waiting for us of course.

Nah... not so poor thing lah. She had Daddy for company, so naturally he kept her (and himself) occupied by asking her to pose for the camera.

And she duly obliged.

Pose after pose. Hee.

Suffice to say, she too enjoyed her 60 minutes while di-di & I were watching the play.

After the play, while we were looking for a place to have our lunch - guess what - we stumbled onto a brand new Indoor Playground! At Fushionpolis!

In fact, it was its first day of business. That was how new it was!

Di-di & I were not about to let up the chance to test it out, so of course we begged Daddy & Mummy to allow us to enter so that we could review the playground.

After all, we owe it to our loyal readers.


And so, test it out we DID... with the review coming in a later post. Hee.

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