Mar 31, 2012

Creative Lego Ads

At, we love our Lego. Be it our Hero Factory, Technic, Creator or Alien Conquest series (or even Daddy's Star Wars), we really do love our Lego.

A few days ago, we came across this ad, with cartoon characters made up of Lego bricks.

And it was nostalgia all over again for Daddy. As for di-di & me, we could only recognize only a handful. How many can you recognize?

Daddy did some searching on the web and here are a few more of more creative ads from Lego.

We personally love these few ones!

Hmmm... it does look like they were taken in Singapore huh?

A few more others:

Some retro-inspired pieces:

And these below ones are just for Daddy:

Quite brilliant, don't you think?

Here's to more creativity! :D

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