Mar 30, 2012

Port Dickson Day 3

And so, our 2-nights stay at Avillion Port Dickson has passed by in flash (You can read about all the fun that we had HERE).

But not before hitting the beach one last time.

It was yet again a beautiful morning. And perfect to practice our jump shots again.

Daddy decided to do something, uhm... more stupid unique.

While Mummy shows the proper way of attempting a jump shot once again!

Mei-mei, on the other hand, was waiting patiently for something else.

The opening of the Pet Farm! I think she loved patting and feeding all the bunnies there.

I also thought I saw a tinge of sadness in her eyes when we bade the bunnies farewell after that. I was feeling sad too, but that was probably because I couldn't bring all my crabby prisoners back to Singapore with me.

With that, we said our goodbyes to our water chalet and Avillion. Our thoughts about the resort? Definitely one of the better ones in Port Dickson. We had previously stayed at Legend Water Chalets (now known as Grand Lexis) and we all agree that Avillion is a much better choice.

The rooms are pretty similar, but I guess what clinched it for us was that we had more activities to keep us occupied at Avillion - like the Pet Farm, beach and of course, catching crabs.

But we weren't done with our holiday yet! We still had a final one night stop at Malacca where we would meet up with my buddies.

And since Malacca was only about just over an hour's drive away, Daddy & Mummy decided to stop by the Port Dickson Army Museum first.

The museum is only about 5 minutes drive away from Avillion Resort, and there were tons of military vehicles on display there.

There were trains, tanks, cannons, artillery guns, jeeps, fighter jets, helicopters... and best of all, entrance is FREE!

I loved the artillery guns the most!

Admittedly, di-di & I were not that into Malaysia's war history yet but the sight of all the military vehicles were enough to make us gape in awe. Better still that we could get up really close to them.

But the one thing that really piqued our (even Mummy's) interest was this.

An actual underground tunnel that belonged to the former Communist Party of Malaya (also known as Malanyan Communist Party). And of course, we just had to venture underground to see what was in store.

Erm, notice I was a bit subdued in the photo? Actually, I was kind of afraid - not because I was claustrophobic, but because the exhibits there were rather lifelike. And as I read the descriptions on the exhibits as we moved along, I told Mummy that war is indeed very cruel.

And as we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, a majestic sight greeted us.

Cool plane! We could even climb up a steep flight of metal steps for a photo opportunity.

Obviously, we have a soft spot for machines that fly.

Overall, Daddy & Mummy thought it was a great place to spend about 1 to 2 hours and we monkies obviously enjoyed getting close to the military vehicles most.

And luckily, there was a small cafe there for us to seek refuge from the sun and also for a short snack!

Onwards to Malacca next!

*View more photos of our Port Dickson holiday at our Cheekiemonkies Facbook page here:

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