Mar 20, 2012

Our own domain name!

(Daddy overhauls)

Something has changed at our blog - 
We have our own domain name at!

Why did I decide to have our own domain name? Primarily because I hate the 'blogspot' word in our blog address. Haha.

And why not ''? Because some idiotic cybersquatter has been and is still sitting on that domain name and no way am I am going to pay an over-the-top price for that.

I will also be overhauling the layout of the blog... erm, once the procrastination stops.

But rest assured, the old blog address still works fine - it'll simply redirect traffic to this new domain address.

And rest assured too, that the same old cheekiness from all 3 monkies will still remain.

The first thing I would have to change is the banner picture at the top of the blog. For one, Ale has gained more than just a few strands of hair; Ayd has gained more than just a few kilos; while Ash has lost more than just one tooth.

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SengkangBabies said...

No wonder you did not use .com haha. Fortunately "" more obiang, nobody want to squat :p

Cheekiemonkies said...

haha... ya, even also kena choped already. So no choice.

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