Mar 19, 2012

Port Dickson Day 1 (Part 2)

Read the first part of our Port Dickson Day 1 holiday HERE.

With the prospect of a kids pool complete with a slide weighing at the back of di-di's & my minds, we charged straight down to the beach first.

Where we got down to work immediately.

What work, you ask?

Digging for hermit crabs!

Daddy had shown us the photos of the hermit crabs that we had caught when we were here in end 2007, and di-di & I couldn't wait to relive those memories!

Which wasn't difficult at all, becasue the whole beach was just swarming with them!

See the blackish dots under my feet? Those dots were ALL hermit crabs. Luckily for us, it was the low tide so it made our job of spotting them so much easier.

Mei-mei's task of running straight into the sea was also made easier I reckon.

Predictably, Daddy decided to ask me and di-di to try out some jump shots on the beach.

Hmmm... we didn't have that much elevation, he said.

So, up stepped Mummy to show all of us how it was supposed to be done.

FWAH! Naturally all of us were very impressed! Hee.

The beach was rather clean, and since it was low tide the waves were quite gentle. So yes, we pretty much enjoyed our time at the beach.

But there was still the resort's pool to be explored. Plus the fact we still had to wash off the sand from our feet have more water fun!

Obviously, the main draw for us monkies was the slide at the Kids' Pool.

Even though it was just a solitary slide, we didn't let that deter us from having loads of fun. Erm, especially mei-mei... who was rather drawn to the slide and bent on getting onto that slide. At all costs.

Was there any doubt that she would get her way in the end??? :P

And if we grew tired of the slide, there were always the poolside activities for kids to keep us occupied.

And for that afternoon, we were given the opportunity to make our very own roti prata!

Well, in Malaysia they call it roti canai but prata or canai, it tastes great with with sugar or curry all the same!

I went first, and trust me... the flipping of the prata may look easy but it was definitely far from that!

See all the lobangs in my prata? Sigh. Luckily there was a hotel staff jie-jie to do some damage control.

Next up - di-di! And he was determined to flip the dough successfully.

Erm, no such luck. His dough ended up in a ball of mess. Hee.

But after some outsourced assistance, our prata was cooked and ready to eat!

Did our work of art pass the taste test?

Not too shabby at all, but perhaps it was largely due to our hungry stomachs after an entire afternoon of fun in the sun.

As for mei-mei, she dabbled a little of the prata with the curry and she had to seek refuge with the cold strawberry milkshake after that!

We monkied around in the pool for a little while more after that, before heading back to our room for a thorough wash-up.

And since we had a teenie weenie bit of extra time to spare before dinner time, we were allowed to generate some bubbles - much to the delight of mei-mei.

This, too, brought back many memories for Daddy & Mummy as I had entertained di-di with some bubbles back then as well. And from the same kind of setting no less.

Di-di & I were more than tickled when Daddy showed us the above photo. Perhaps it had something to do with my messy hair.

As for dinner, we headed to the nearby El Cactus for some Mexican fusion cusine.

Pretty nice place, if you asked us. But more importantly, they had one of both di-di's & my fave foods.

PIZZA! And we even had the chance to design our very own pizza by choosing our toppings.

And one of the toppings was EXTRA cheese! Needless to say, it was definitely yummy!

Daddy had the beef Fajitas, while Mummy devoured the mixed grill. But no photos though, because they were too famished! Heh.

And so, that marked the end of Day 1 in Port Dickson. Day 2 would see us monkies finally having the chance to feed the animals at the Pet Farm, as well as catching bigger crabs!

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SengkangBabies said...

Lovely jump shot, and Mummy got ballerina background?

But the best photos are those old-new kids comparison. So cute!

I always compare old photos and ask the younger ones why they never join us :0

Cheekiemonkies said...

Haha... Mummy got gymnastics background. :P

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