Mar 18, 2012

Port Dickson Day 1 (Part 1)

Daddy & Mummy took us monkies up to Port Dickson over the week-long school holidays where we stayed for 2 nights, with an additional night in Melaka.

Suffice to say, all 3 of us shot through the roof when we were told of the holiday plans.

Well, actually only di-di & me did shoot through the roof since we were the only ones who had been to Avillion Port Dickson back in end 2007.

Yup, that was us back then. Di-di & me have certainly changed lots since then.

But surprisingly, not a lot of Avillion Port Dickson has changed over these past years.

And we mean that in a good way, because Daddy & Mummy were pleasantly surprised that the entire resort was pretty much quite well up-kept, including the rooms.

Speaking of rooms, the Water Chalets come highly recommended by who else - US of course!  These Water Chalets are built on stilts over the sea, and we loved it when it was high tide with the sound of the sea splashing just beneath us.

Hmmm... actually we loved it even more when it is low tide. Because that was when we got to see the armies of tiny crabs scuttling on the sand, just below us. But more on that in a later posting.

For now, we were only too eager to check into our room and enjoy the erm... aircon.

The chalet comes with a King-sized bed, as well as a Daybed - which was just right for the 5 of us.

In fact, with the open shower in the bathroom, I think mei-mei was all too willing to sleep in the bathtub.

Next, we had to check out the view from our balcony.

Err... not too inspiring a view huh?

Luckily, we just had to face our deck chairs in another direction to get a much better view.

Not too shabby. Of course, the view would be further enhanced when the sea level rises. But til then, we had a hotel room tradition to fulfill.

Every time when we check into a hotel room, all of just have to squeeze into the wardrobe. Don't ask.

But that didn't last very long as the beach was calling out to us.

As we trotted down to the beach, Daddy & Mummy decided to explore the resort grounds first.

There had been a few new additions to the resort's attractions since the last time we were there. But the perennial fave of the lot back then is still there.

It was also the one attraction that both di-di & I were very much looking forward to after Daddy had shown us the photos we had taken back in 2007.

It was the Pet Farm, which will be opened every day at 10am for guests to feed animals such as chickens, rabbits and tortoises. One could even try bathing them every Wednesday and Sunday at 10am; something we didn't get to try.

But just one look at the Pet Farm was enough to leave mei-mei clutching the metal fence with all her might, refusing to let go at all costs. It took Daddy & Mummy much coaxing before she was finally peeled away, and that was because she was promised to be brought to see birds at the Aviary.

Di-di & I were more interested in the nearby Butterfly Patch though.

There was also an Orchid Hut, as part of the Nature Walk, although all we could see was one stalk of Orchid.

We then caught a glimpse of the Pool next, but this was actually for adults only.

The main pool for families and kids was near the main lobby, which Daddy & Mummy promised to bring us right after we went to the beach.

So... what were we waiting for???

Chiong arh!

(To be continued...)

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