Mar 25, 2012

Port Dickson Day 2 (Part 2)

Read the first part of our Port Dickson Day 2 holiday HERE.

After our swim cum lunch, it was back to our room for a short recharge before we headed down to the beach again.

This time, we went to a different part of the beach where the low tide made it perfect for us monkies to begin our hunting expedition.

Hunting for crabs that is. See those tiny holes in the sand?

They were made by the burrowing crabs, who were out on the sand for a breather when the tide goes out. And there were tons and tons of them!

They are pretty harmless; in fact we got used to them so much that we began picking them up using our fingers in the later stages.

The only problem was that they scuttle away very quickly at the hint of the slightest tremor. So we got to move very stealthily and fast before we could get a hold of them.

Mei-mei even go into the crab-catching act - she picked up a hermit crab all by herself!

And she was mighty proud of it too! Heh.

Mummy caught something too - mei-mei's kiss. :D

As for di-di's & my catch, they were multiplying by the minute!

Actually besides our catch(es) of the day, the low tide enabled us to walk very far out into the sea. Far until we could get an awesome view of Avillion Port Dickson.

Too awesome a view for Daddy I reckon? :P

The weather was perfect for us to spend more time at the beach, so naturally I wasted no time in adding more crabs to my collection.

Hmm... I think mei-mei kind of felt envious of the fact that di-di & I were catching crabs like nobody's business.

So she was feeling a tad, uhm... downcast?

Haha... so she went on an expedition on her own.

And with the help of Mummy, she eventually added 2 more crabs to our bucket!

As for di-di, he got the record for snaring the biggest crab for that day - although it was already dead when he found it.

With that, it was the signal for us to head back to our room for a quick wash-up. Well, the dark clouds gathering above us were the strongest signals actually.

And our timing couldn't have been better. As soon as we found shelter, the skies opened up and a thunderstorm ensued.

Which gave us a good enough excuse to laze in bed while waiting for the rain to stop.

As soon as the rain turned into a drizzle, we made our way down to Weng Yin Seafood Village, a seafood restaurant selling yummy zi-char food!

As you can probably guess, we were ultra famished from the day's activities so I will just leave you with the photos of our feast.

Butter crabs, clams, steamed fish, tofu and vegetables. Nom nom nom...

Apparently, their 三味鱼 (or 3-taste fish) is very good but it was spicy so we didn't have that. But we did have full bellies after our sumptuous dinner.

And not wanting to return to our room so soon, di-di & I suggested dropping by the resort's Kids' Club to take a look.

Errr... nothing much to be frank. Just some colouring stationery and building blocks. They have Playstation too, but it's chargeable. 

And so, we headed back to our room to pack our luggage as we were due to check out the next day. Sob.

*View more photos of our Port Dickson holiday at our Cheekiemonkies Facbook page here:

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