Mar 23, 2012

Port Dickson Day 2 (Part 1)

Day 2 at Avillion Port Dickson, and a beautiful morning greeted us as we awoke from our slumber.

We couldn't let such a pretty sight go to waste so we plonked ourselves on the deck chair to nuah some time away.

Erm, actually we were just waiting for Mummy to wash up and get ready.

Luckily, Daddy kept mei-mei busy by asking her to pose for the camera.

And gosh, she can really pose!

So I wasn't to be outdone, and uhm... posed as well?

We headed to the cafe for our breakfast, which was pretty decent. Noting too spectacular, just normal hotel breakfast buffet kind of grub.

The important bit was the Pet Farm, which would be opened at 10am so that kids may enter the compund and feed the animals.

But we were still a tad early, so we whiled the time away by wandering around the resort grounds.

We bumped into Mister Peacock, who wasn't in the mood to show off that morning.

But at least all his girlfriends were pretty friendly to us. But I highly suspect that had something to do with the pieces of bread we were holding.

Extra time to mill around always gave Daddy the perfect excuse for more photo opportunities.

And obviously, we weren't spared.

Acting goofy in front of the camera was all part of the instructions.

But at least we had one decent family portrait shot to show for.

 In the end, the watch saved us... for it was 10am!

Time to feed the animals!

There were bunnies, chickens and tortoises scattered all around the compound. And hotel staff were on hand to provide us with food to feed the animals with. These include chicken feed, cabbage leaves, carrots and bananas.

Di-di & I loved feeding the chickens!

Well, some things never change.

That was me feeding the rooster back in 2007.

As for mei-mei, she preferred something much fluffier.

The pet farm is opened daily between 10am to 11am, and if it gets too crowded the staff may let guests enter the compound in batches. This way, everyone will get a chance to feed and cuddle the adorable pets. Ok, cuddling only applies to the bunnies I reckon.

Then it was back to our room for the next activity!

No, not bubbles-blowing. That was just the filler.

We were looking forward to this.

Yup, time to hit the pool once again!

Di-di & I lost count of the number of times we went on the water slide. As for mei-mei, she was busy with something else.

Haha... it must have been the morning exertions because our tummies started to rumble way before lunch time beckoned.

So what to do? We had our lunch by the pool... which to us was one of the surefire to get into the holiday mood! :)

Because it is always pure bliss to swim with a mouth full of food!

Stay tuned for our second part of Day 2 where we go crabs-hunting.

*View more photos of our Port Dickson holiday at our Cheekiemonkies Facbook page here:

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