Mar 1, 2012

Surf's Up at the Wave House!

(Daddy watches, monkies surf)

In the 100 Holiday Activities for kids List that I drew up in November last year, I had included flowboarding  at the Wave House on Sentosa for the monkies as one of the activities. 

So last Sunday, I thought they would finally get the chance to ride the waves. But we ended up on Siloso Beach due to a long waiting time. We did, however, pre-booked a session for another date and so we were back at the Wave House for the second time in a week!

Ash & Ayd were terribly excited about their impending flowboarding session. In fact, they had been quite downcast on Sunday when they knew they couldn't attempt it then. But no matter, we were back and the weather was kind to us.

Too very kind in fact, in a scorching kind of way.

To bodyboard the FlowRider, one must be at least 107cm tall. Which of course both of the boys passed.

But they couldn't stand on the board though, not until they are at least 133cm tall.

And the cost? You get an hour on the FlowRider for $35 on weekdays and $40 on weekends.

There was a dipping pool at the Wave House as well, and since Ale couldn't join in the waveriding adventure, we thought she could at least have some splashing fun in the pool.

Well, it turned out that all three monkies loved the pool to bits... actually, their mummy loved it too! Haha... But I shall leave that (and pictures) for another blog posting.

Because for now, the boys were going to get started!

First up - Ash!

The instructor was on hand to give pointers to them first, teaching them how to move left & right, as well as forward.

And then, it was left to them to maneuver the bodyboard on their own!

Then it was Ayd's turn.

From where I was standing, it sure looked to be so FUN! And I was tempted to join in as well. Heh.

Look at Ayd go!

I think both of them did pretty well for the first time - they lost their balance after a while and got bundled to the back of the FlowRider together with the waves. Actually, I think that IS the most fun part of the ride.

No surprise that they were raring to challenge the waves once more then.

As for Ale, she was looking on intently when her brothers were on the bodyboards. And she seemingly wanted to join in as well.

But she did chuckle when she saw them fall from the boards, and being swept away by the waves. Haha.

I think the boys eventually went onto the FlowRider 5 times each, which I think was never ever going to be enough for them.

And here are videos of them in action.

I think they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Even after being roasted mercilessly by the sun.

Erm, does that mean I have to get the VIP Card already? -_-

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