Apr 12, 2012

LEGOLAND Malaysia Easter Egg Hunt- Again!

Daddy & di-di had such a great time hunting down LEGO Easter Eggs last week, and to think I wasn't part of it! So last weekend, I demanded kindly requested that I join in the egg-hunting fun as well.

And since di-di had already found the 8 eggs at GardenAsia, we headed down to Bollywood Veggies with Kong-kong & Por-por to track down those colourful LEGO Eggs.

I think Daddy must have gotten way too excited about the egg hunting bit, because he brought along his camera minus the memory card! So in the end, the iPhone had to be called into action. Heh.

Anyway, just to recap - 8 Easter Eggs, constructed with LEGO bricks, have been hidden within the compounds of Bollywood Veggies and families will be given a worksheet with 8 clues as to where they are hidden. Once the eggs have been found, you are required to draw the pattern of that Easter Egg on the worksheet.

And once all 8 Eggs have been found, you can drop your answers into the Lucky Draw box there. EIGHT lucky families will be picked to win Annual Family Passes to LEGOLAND Malaysia at the end of the Hunting period!

And we were not going to let the scorching weather deter us.

Erm, well... except for an occasional refuge under a shelter while Daddy goes off to recce. :P

But we did find most of the Eggs through our own effort, okay?

Mei-mei did try her best to help too - by shouting 'Egg! Egg!' whenever she locates one. Usually after when we tell her where they were.

But she did find ONE on her own though.


And she was pretty insistent that it was an EGG.

She soon changed her mind though, as she probably thought she could have more fun with it by declaring it to be a ball instead.

As for di-di & me, we soon wrapped up our egg hunting mission by locating all 8 Eggs.

So what are you waiting for? You have until 25 April 2012 to find those eggs and stand a chance to win an annual family pass to LEGOLAND Malaysia!

Useful Information

- LEGOLAND Malaysia Easter Egg Hunt is on from 4 - 25 April 2012
- Visit any of the following 3 farms to hunt down the 8 Easter Eggs at each location:

1. GardenAsia
Address: 240 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718898
Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm (Mon - Sun)
Website: www.gardenasia.com

2. Bollywood Veggies
Address: 100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026
Operating Hours: 9am - 6pm (Wed - Sun)
Website: www.bollywoodveggies.com

3. Farmart
Address: 67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008
Operating Hours: 10am - 5pm (Mon - Sun)
Website: www.farmart.com.sg

Have fun!

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