Apr 13, 2012

Dispensing Good Hygiene

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Daddy & Mummy know that good hygiene habits make the difference between us falling sick or staying germs-free, and keeping our hands really clean is one good way to start!

Thanks to Dettol & Nuffang, we were given the Dettol No-Touch Handwash System to aid in our hand-washing routine.

The NEW  Dettol No-Touch Handwash System has a unique, no touch dispenser that automatically senses your hand when placed beneath the nozzle & delivers just the right amount of hand soap. And Dettol is the first brand to launch such an innovative automatic liquid handwash dispenser.

And it's really simple to use really. Just pop our hands under the nozzle, and we get a goop of hand soap on our hands.

Even mei-mei can do it (and she can't stop her hand hovering under the nozzle too!).

And just for a limited period, the dispenser comes with a special edition sticker (Flippy the Penguin or Hoofy the Zebra) which allowed di-di & me to make our dispenser a little more 'cutsey'. Heh.

Ta-dah! All done!

Now, we always wash our hands without any prompting from Daddy & Mummy. Even mei-mei too!

Hmmm, I wonder why...

The Dettol No-Touch Handwash System is available at all major supermarkets and stores.

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