Apr 6, 2012

Easter Eggs DIY

It's the Easter long weekend! And the one thing that di-di & I always remember to do during Easter is to clamour Daddy to let us make our own colourful Easter Eggs!

It was a tradition started way back in 2008, when I was still a little young boy then.

Cute eh?

I mean the eggs, not me.

So anyway, this year wasn't going to be any different. And luckily, mei-mei was on her morning nap which was just perfect. :P

The process is quite simple actually - all you need is water, food colouring and a little bit of vinegar. Mix them well in a bowl and drop the hard-boiled eggs in carefully.

Easy peasy right?

And if you prefer a marbled effect on the eggs, just add a few drops of oil into the mixture.

How do you like our Easter Eggs?

We love them obviously! So much that we can't bear to eat them. Heh.

Enjoy the long weekend, and Happy Holidays! :)

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