Apr 9, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore - Transformers The Ride

(Daddy transforms & rolls out)

Thanks to RWS and Clement from the Comms Department, we were offered a chance to go on the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios slightly more than a week ago.

Erm, it wasn't our first time on it though. We had been on it last December when it was freshly opened, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it!

So when the invite to relive the whole Transformers experience came along, naturally I jumped at it. Coupled with the fact that we would be going for the ride before the park opened to the public, I think it's a no-brainer.

Check out the crowd!!!

Yup, the non-existent crowd. One word- shiok!

As it was on a weekday morning, Ash couldn't join us due to school. But this gave me a good enough reason to spend some exclusive time with Ayd.

I had previously blogged about certain activities that a father should do together with his kids (http://www.cheekiemonkie.net/2012/03/activities-with-dad.html) during their growing years, and spending exclusive time with each child is one of them.

I could tell Ayd was extremely excited to go onto the Transformers ride, and I would like to think that it was because he was spending some solo time with me.

Well, either that or because he knew he would not need to wait in the queue for 40 minutes for the ride. Heh.

There are a total of 6 rooms before one hits the ride proper. So you can imagine the long waiting time before the promised adrenaline rush at the end.

The good thing about the 6 rooms is that they are all part of a story and serve to build up the plot before the actual ride commences.

So you have various LCD screens and exhibits detailing the mission that you are in for, as well as an introduction to the newest Autobot - EVAC - which was specially created for this Transformer ride.

After breezing through the 6 chambers, it was time to collect our 3-D Battle Glasses.

And then we waited for EVAC to pick us up for battle.

Obviously, photography isn't allowed during the ride. But suffice to say, it was one amazing ride! Even though it wasn't our first time on it.

The minimum height requirement is 1.02m, and the ride is more of a 4-D simulation ride than a rollercoaster or The Mummy ride. The vehicle moves from room to room which has giant screens where one views the 3-D action.

And trust us, the entire 4-D experience is totally awesome! All the actions blends so well together so, even with the waiting time, it is most definitely worth it!

After all the action, what better way to clam our nerves than with yummy toast, soft-bolied eggs and a Milo-peng at the RWS Malaysian Food Street.

The only thing left to do now is to plan for my exclusive date with Ash! :P

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