Apr 10, 2012

West Coast Park, again.

When Daddy & Mummy ask us which park we would like to go on a weekend morning, they already know what our answer will be.

Yup, that's right - West Coast Park. The park we have been paying a visit TIME and TIME again.

And this time, we even roped in Kong-kong & Por-por to be our cheerleaders as di-di & I scampered up the spiderweb-like structure in double quick time!

And I think all our climbing had somewhat inspired mei-mei too.

It was really a case of monkie see monkie do. She wanted to climb the ropes as well!

Luckily for Daddy, her enthusiasm fizzled out in record time.

But being the fearless chilli padi that she is, she was running and jumping off the play structures, much to Daddy's exasperation.

Meanwhile, di-di & I were still entertaining ourselves... like hanging around. Literally.

And if we were not testing our arm muscles, we would be honing our sense of balance skills.

Just like previous times, we left another one of our fave, the Ninja-Warrior-inspired Obstacle Course, to be our last challenge of the day.

And just like previous times, we had fun clearing the obstacles.

LOADS and LOADS of fun.

And also just like previous times, Daddy would pretend to be a crocodile and tugged at our legs throughout the course.

How irritating. :P

Well, eagled-eyed readers would have realised by now that these photos were taken quite some time ago. Simply because my 2 front teeth were still intact. Heh.

So since I have an 'updated' smile now, I think I should go back to West Coast Park for another round of photo-taking. Erm, right?

So, what say you Daddy?

View more photos of us wrecking havoc in the Parks around Singapore on our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.283678351712441.66647.110845722329039&type=1

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1 comment :

Paek said...

Me and my wife think that we are blessed to meet your blog. It makes our life in S'pore much much more fun.
I have been to West Coast Park this week and found the main big 'Spiderweb Slide' is under repair until 4th quarter of 2014.
Hope that it would be helpful for your visitors... Thanks-!

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