May 25, 2012

3M™ Polarizing Light Lamp Giveaway!

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Do you know that the prevalence of myopia in Singapore is one of the highest in the world? 

65% of our Primary 6 children have myopia, whereas at that same age, just 12% of children in Australia and about 30% in the UK are myopic. Myopia prevalence further rises amongst our youth: 70% of students leaving secondary school, and 80% of National Servicemen have myopia. (Source)

Wow, these figures are indeed mind-boggling.

But considering the fact that school children spend most of their time poring over their books, it shouldn't come as a surprise too.

And if my 2 boys are going to increase the usage of their eyes, the least thing I can do is to ensure adequate lighting is provided for them. In fact, just adequate lighting isn't good enough - it is the direct glare by the lighting on reading materials and work surfaces that cause discomfort to the eyes in the long run.

That is where the 3M™ Polarizing Light - the BL5100 - comes in handy.

I'm sure you must have heard about the previous 3M™ Polarizing Light lamps from 3M, and this latest BL5100 lamp isn't any different. In fact, it raises the stakes as not only does it continues to employ 3M’s trademark Polarizing Light Technology, but it also incorporates  3M Innovative Polarizing Filter that reduces glare, causing less strain to the eyes. 

Traditional lighting causes glare thats results in eye fatique, headache and even, frequent tearing. And currently, all types of light tubes don't solve the problem of glare. In fact, the glare of some table lamps may worsen because of the inappropriate material used for the shading screen.

The 3M™ Polarizing Light BL5100 solves this problem through its innovative 3M Innovative Polarizing Filter which help to refract light, converting all ‘bad light’ is transformed into ‘good light’. By placing the head of the BL5100 lamp at any position from zero to 90 degrees, you can instantly promote glare reduction ranging between 38 to 62 per cent.

And with the lamp being highly adjustable, Ayd will be able to move the head, neck and arms upwards-downwards and sideways to a position he wants.

Of course, both the wifey and I know that having the 3M Lamp isn't the be all and end all solution to myopia. Forming good daily eye care habits help big-time too:

- Spend less time on unnecessary near work - activities that require you to focus on small details or are done very close to to your eyes
- Let your eyes rest after every 30-40 minutes of near work.
- Sit in a correct and comfortable posture when you are at your desk.
- Ensure there is sufficient ambient lighting in the room.
- Maintain an eye distance of 30-40cm away from your reading materials.
- If your desk surface is too reflective (e.g. glass), cover it with a less reflective material.
- Ensure that there is even illumination on reading materials.
- Invest in a table lamp which reduces glare while providing ample lighting.
- When using table lamp at night, ensure that the room's main light is turned on too. Too much contrast in lighting will cause eyes to tire easily.
- The head of your table lamp should be installed above your line of vision to avoid direct glare.

(Eyecare tips taken from 3M website HERE)

And hopefully, the 3 monkies will be able avoid the fate that befell their Daddy & Mummy - which is spectacles!

And right now, stand to win one of 5 pieces of  3M™  Polarizing Light (BL 5100 Lamp) worth $189 from 3M! No purchase required!

This is what you need to do:

Tell us in 100 words or less, why would you need a 3M Polarizing Light (BL 5100 Lamp)? 

Send your answer, name, I/C number, mobile and email address with the title “3M Polarizing Light Contest – Cheekiemonkies” to by 17 June 2012(Limited to one entry per person)

Winners will be announced on 29th June 2012.

Good Luck!

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